Using Roomer Will Give You Travel Opportunities You're Unaware Are Possible

’ve never been much of a planner when it comes to traveling. If I see an opportunity, I take it, and postpone or adapt whatever else I’m supposed to be doing. I’m also prone to taking chances. I don’t spend hours trying to establish how good a deal really is.

So, when I found a great discount on a website called Roomer, I took it. They were offering 77% off a booking in a 4 star hotel in Rome. It seemed too good to be true, but I went for it anyway.

When I got there, I was very pleasantly surprised. There was none of the grime I was expecting. The rooms looked exactly like they did in the photos. It was luxurious.

It turns out that Roomer have capitalized on a very smart idea.

The problem with traveling

Most travelers are a lot more careful than I am. They plan weeks or months in advance, and pay to ensure they get exactly what they want, when they want it. After all, those might be the only dates they're able to get away, and they want to make the most of it.

But that’s what makes it especially frustrating when a trip gets cancelled. Despite planning everything, something comes up and ruins their week away. And when they call the hotel to cancel, they realize they're not getting their money back.

Most hotels do not offer refunds on cancelled bookings. The reason is, simply, that they cannot afford to. People cancel hotel rooms all the time. In the United States alone, 220 000 hotel bookings are canceled in one day!

The solution: a hotel-marketplace

Roomer came up with the concept of the hotel-marketplace, which is where I found my first great deal. They allow all those who have had to cancel their trips to post their non-refundable hotel rooms at a discounted price. These discounts range from 50% to over 80%.

Then, people like me come along and snatch up their reservations. We get to go on a cheap trip, while they get some of their money back. Everyone gains.

Sounds a bit complicated?

It does sound like a lot of logistics, but I only had a vague understanding of the background when I booked my first trip. You see, you're dealing only with Roomer, not with the stranger you're buying from. They take care of changing the reservations, verifying payments, and all other details. Roomer functions like any other bookings website.

Actually, Roomer is better than the rest.

I wasn’t expecting much from the hotel, because I learned long ago not to be disappointed by cheap hotel rooms. They always promise so much and deliver so little. You get what you paid for.

But with Roomer, you know you're getting what you've been shown. The deals are not cheap because of the quality of the rooms, but because of the sellers’ situation. And Roomer does not rely on the word of the seller. They make sure the reservation actually exists, and is exactly what was promised.

The travel industry has a role in this

You’d think that hotels wouldn’t care too much about cancelled reservations. After all, they're still getting paid. However, they're actually losing out after all. Hotels make a lot of their profit from revenue garnered during a person’s stay. When someone cancels they lose that revenue. Tourist attractions also suffer.

Hotels and travel agencies have partnered with Roomer to ensure the best possible service. They’ve also made some very attractive deals available exclusively to users of Roomer.

This allows for a variety of options that will suit anyone’s tastes. One of the reasons they were voted as one of USA Today’s top 3 travel websites/apps for 2015.

Far more opportunities

I’m an opportunist. Traveling for me has always been an option, but the options have been somewhat limited because of my haphazard approach.

With Roomer, deals are always available, meaning there are far more opportunities for me to travel where I want, when I want, and in the comfort I didn’t know I needed.

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