Top Five Places for a Romantic Date in Macau

If you are planning a honeymoon, a romantic vacation or just want to invite your partner for a sweet weekend, it is hard to find a more exotic place than Macau. It attracts thousands of tourists every day due to the amazing destinations it offers. Here are the most marvelous places for a flawless date.

  • The Venetian 

A Chinese Venice with narrow canals and beautiful tiny bridges. This place is a total replica of one. Smiley gondoliers will gladly pick you up in one of those traditionally Italian boats to shorten your way to the palace.

Welcome to one of the most popular casinos in the world. It challenges its counterparts from New Zealand (you can find more information about the latter in the best NZ casino guide). Macau casino was opened in 2008, and since then, millions of gamblers have tried their luck here. The best place for a couple to spend a night out. Delicious cocktails, dozens of play tables and thousands of casino games are available for you.

  • Rendezvous Lounge

If you are looking for a luxurious restaurant, you should visit this place. The perfect choice for a pre-dinner drink or lazy lunch. Good selection for complimentary snacks with drinks. If you want a delicious snack accompanied by the good wine, you will find it here. The ambience is relaxing. The illumination, interior and design make you drawn into the romantic atmosphere. The staff is polite and speak English fluently.

  • Macau’s Beaches

Whenever you come to Macau, do not forget to visit one of its incredible beaches. Black warm sand makes this place stand out. This unique feature makes it a regular place for world’s famous models photoshoots. You can find those photos in the popular fashion and men’s magazines. And crystal clear water will make your feel like in paradise. Macau was blessed with amazing nature. So if you think this place is only temples and restaurants, come over and see it all by yourself.

  • Prive

Another must-visit restaurant with the tastiest seafood meals. All dishes here are mouthwatering masterpieces. Phenomenal attention is given to the details. Exemplary staff meets all your demands providing the best service. Everything you can expect from a superb international dining experience will be found in here. Invite your lady for a romantic dinner, and this place will melt her heart.

  • Coloane Island

 This place is a home for the Macau Golf and Country Club. The rich come here for their private golf fields. The country club welcomes both locals and foreigners, and it is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Asia. If you are looking for a romantic escape for two, go to the black-sand Hac Sa Beach or the Pearl River. These breath-taking destinations will make your heart beat faster. Enjoy the view, the sun and the sea. Do not forget to take a camera with you because you will definitely want to keep those memories for your entire life.

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