Top 5 Destinations you can Visit from the Comfort of your Home

Traveling is great. Exploring new places and cultures, soaking up new experiences - there's no match for that. But there are times when traveling is out of the question. Sometimes the budget, the schedule, or other issues stand in the way, making it impossible for you to leave. But technology is here to help, bringing some of the best experiences right at your fingertips. 

5. See Africa from the comfort of your home

National Geographic's Wild Safari Live service is a free video stream that takes you to the Djuma Private Game Reserve and the Arathusa Safari Lodge in South Africa. Or rather it takes these amazing experiences into your home, thanks to video streaming. But this is not the only such service available online: WildEarth offers you access to several other live cameras from all over the world, not only Africa - from California to Australia - to witness wildlife in all its splendor.

4. Take a virtual trip to Vegas

While Las Vegas can't come to your home in all its splendor, its most attractive venues - the casinos - can. All you need to do is visit the All Slots Casino Canada: register an account, and start playing. The All Slots Casino has everything a Vegas casino can offer, and sometimes even more - its collection of games matches anything Vegas, Reno or even Macau has for its players. All this without the expenses related to travel and lodging - or even playing.

The All Slots Casino has a handy feature for its players called "practice mode" which allows them to play all its games with no cost involved. But the reasons for giving the All Slots Casino a "real" try are also numerous - including bonuses, specials, promotions, and big wins.

3. See the volcanoes if Iceland in action

Volcanoes are fascinating and scary at the same time. Some people wouldn't go close to them - but seeing them online, through a live webcam is a completely different matter. And this is exactly what Live from Iceland offers its users.

Visitors can choose between a series of volcano-cams, geysir cams, and city cams, or see other wonders in the country - live.

2. See the world's most amazing places with CamVista

If you want to see an amazing collection of places without leaving home, CamVista is the destination for you. CamVista is perhaps the largest collection of webcams, covering everything from the Great Barrier Reef to the streets of Amsterdam.

An amazing variety of places to see, only a click away.

1. See concerts from home

The experience of live music is hard to match - but Qello comes as close to it as possible. For a flat fee of $7.99 a month, users can enjoy hundreds, if not thousands of concerts in its collection. Qello covers any genre and any timeframe, with recordings as old as almost a century. If you want to see your favorite band live, but can't make it, Qello is the perfect alternative.

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