These Are The World’s Best Coastlines

When you're considering a coastal vacation, there’s no need to limit yourself to one small location. A much more exciting way to experience beaches, beach towns, and nature is by going to one of the world’s best coastlines. Coastlines can span for miles on end and are often very varied in the natural and cultural characteristics along the way.

The following are considered some of the world’s best coastlines. Base yourself in one town or take a roadtrip. Either way, make sure to get a glimpse of everything each has to offer.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Why go to the beach when you can take a road trip along Italy’s Amalfi Coast? The 30 mile stretch is remarkable for a number of reasons. The beaches are obviously stunning, with their crystal clear water and blue skies. However, that’s not where the excitement ends. Along the coast there are tons of quaint villages – some of which can only be reached by foot or bike!

Then there’s the Vesuvius National Park, home to perhaps the most famous volcano in the world. The national park is protected, and the towns along the Amalfi Coast in general are run according to eco-friendly principles. You can learn about Amalfi Coast villas and find the perfect base for your gorgeous vacation.

Garden Route, South Africa

The incredible thing about the Garden Route is just how much natural diversity there is. Along this route, you will find beach towns, deserts, mountains, towns built on lagoons, and everything from wealthy homeowner estates to working class communities. You can take days-long hikes on the Otter Trail, drive down incredible mountain roads, and dive from the world’s highest commercial bungee jump. 

One added feature of the Garden Route is that you really don’t have to stop at its “official” end in the Western Cape. On the contrary. Continue for a few hours and you'll find yourself in Cape Town, which has its own remarkable coastline. The city of Cape Town itself is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. But it has its own mountain drives, and you can go further along to places like Simon’s Town, with its colony of penguins. In between, you can see where the two oceans meet at Cape Point.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Sticking with Africa for now, the Skeleton Coast refers to the coast on Namibia’s Namib Desert. Unlike some of the other locations on this list, the Skeleton Coast is exciting not because of its beach towns but because of just how dramatic the landscape is. It is considered one of the world’s last great wildernesses, with a thick fog covering it for most of the year due to the cold Beguela current. Waves pummel the shore, creating an intense aesthetic experience. You'll also love the landscapes of rugged volcanic canyons, wind-swept dunes, and mountain ranges.

Why is it called the Skeleton Coast? The name was actually coined by a novelist, based on the bones of whales, as well as those of sailors that used to litter the shore due to shipwrecks caused by the harsh sea and heavy fog.

Napali Coast, Hawaii

The Napali Coast is only 17 miles long (in contrast to the hundreds of miles of the Garden Route, for example). But there are few coastlines that are bigger fixtures on bucket lists than this one. Emerald-hued cliffs which tower above the ocean form the perfect backdrop, while the beaches and waterfalls will blow even the most seasoned traveler’s mind. Furthermore, you can see so much of it on the spectacular Kalalau trail hike which goes for 11 miles and can be completed even without having to train too much in advance.

You can spend days on the coast lying on the beach or eating incredible Hawaiin cuisines in quaint restaurants.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean Road in Australia is another long coastline that features diversity you wouldn’t expect to find in just one country, let alone one coastline. It stretches for 150 miles between Torquay and Warrnambool (it’s not as difficult to pronounce as it looks!) and boasts the so-called Twelve Apostles. The Twelve Apostles are massive limestone stacks and the range is unlike anything you've seen anywhere else in the world.

There are also some of the best beaches for surfing, plenty of wildlife, and some historic sites too.

Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland

The Antrim Coast is now best-known as one of the locations in which Game of Thrones was filmed. But no matter how you feel about that final season does not diminish from the natural beauty of the place. The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most famous features of this coastline. It is made up of over 40,000 basalt columns which were created by an ancient volcanic eruption. Somehow, volcanoes have given us many of the most beautiful attractions in the world and not only destruction!

There is a 30 mile hike you can take on the shore called the Causeway Coast Way. It includes a famous rope bridge – Carrick-a-Rede – so give it a skip if you are prone to terrible vertigo.

Of course, a trip to such a location wouldn’t be complete without visiting the ruins of a castle. Dunluce Castle was an incredible building in the Middle Ages. When the kitchen fell into the sea during a stormy night, its inhabitants left for more stable living, and it fell into neglect, leaving the castle to nature’s whims.


Coastlines are some of the best destinations for a vacation in the world. If you're considering taking a trip soon, go to one of the above locations. You won’t regret it!

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