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World Reviewer was launched in October 2007, and is based in London, Brighton, Norfolk and Scotland.

The company, James Publishing Ltd, was founded by James Dunford Wood, James Blackwell, and Alastair James. Kat Mackintosh joined as Editor in summer 2007, and Hugh Graham-Watson as Commercial Director in March 2008.

If you wish to contact us, please see the contact us page, or if you have comments on the site, please use our online feedback form.

James Dunford Wood


James has worked in online travel since 1999 when he founded Travel Intelligence with AA Gill and Amber Rudd. He launched World Reviewer in October 2007. He started his career in travel many years earlier though - by taking busloads of American High School girls on tours of European cities (If it's Tuesday it must be Brussels), and he subsequently lead 140 middle aged British Tourists on a Chinese Train across Central Asia with no loos. He has crossed the Sahara, worked on a merchant ship, climbed Kilimanjaro (if you've been there you will know it's hardly a climb), and has witnessed the icy sheaf of Lord Shiva slowly melt amongst the crowds of pilgrims high in the Himalaya.

James Blackwell

Finance Director

This James has been involved in the online industry since the mid 90's, when he sold his first internet venture, the Online Travel Bookshop, to WH Smith. Since then he has helped launch a number of internet businesses, including Travel Intelligence. His background is finance and accountancy. Prior to founding World Reviewer, he ran Purple Sage, the internet consultancy.

Alastair James


Alastair recently received a PHD from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, where he undertook research to improve the quality of speech recognition in mobile devices. He has spoken at international conferences and has been published in the top journals in the field of automated speech and language processing. Alastair has been programming longer than he can remember (recent estimates put the first time he wrote a computer program at 10 years old), and has gained extensive experience in many fields of computer science. His current interests include developing highly interactive and exciting websites using emerging Internet technologies.

Kat Mackintosh


Kat attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (same as Hugh Jackman), and went on tour and travelled as a professional dancer before retiring to get a 'real career'. This involved retraining in Journalism and working in Radio and for the ABC before moving to the UK and joining World Reviewer where her job involves spending a lot of time being jealous of the travelling adventures of the experts she collaborates with. Kat will tell stories about growing up in Kakadu National Park and travelling round Australia, and through Europe and Japan until she's asked to stop. Kat is also a short film maker and theatre critic in her spare time.

Hugh Graham-Watson

Commercial Director

Hugh has worked in travel for over 15 years, being involved with a small ski tour operator and then joining in its infancy (turnover now approaching £50m). He joined World Reviewer in April 2008, and an environment that offered the same kind of exciting, cutting edge environment as Iglu. His mission is to help Worldreviewer achieve a clearly defined objective: "to bring the best experiences to life" and then to offer users the means to do them.

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