New Years Recovery Escapes

Good intentions on the 30th and 31st of December and waking up feeling rough on the afternoon of the 2nd of Jan. are a dire combination – you need to get back into that wistful, hopeful mindset, when you felt like 2010 was bursting with potential joys and successes… The best way to do that is to get yourself checked into a spa or retreat and get some help bouncing back. Let someone set you on the right rails and start the year as you mean to go on by escaping to a spa or retreat and letting the good habits kick in by osmosis.

While you’re getting fit and well you may as well get some sun or a tan, no? They say the Maldives are nice this time of year, yes? The exotically located Six Senses Spa and Resort will massage and treatment you into shape, then send you off to enjoy the wonders of nature on the surrounding reefs.

The Givenchy Spa in sunny Mauritius heals with relaxation in the form of saunas, steams and golf, and celebrity loved Sandy Lane in Barbados will pamper you to within an inch of sin.

If these sound too cushy and you need to be shocked back into action with just that – action: physical activity – then the Red Mountain Resort and Spa will get you training against the dramatically final backdrop of Utah’s canyon region, or the staff at Moinhos Velhos in Portugal will put you on a punishing regime aimed to detox your mind and body.

At Body & Soul Adventures in Brazil the timetable is so packed with kayaking, jungle and mountain hikes and yoga that the relaxation activities are swimming, surfing and capoeira – no chance of a sit down in sight, but panoramic mountain top views of the rainforest and sparsely populated clean, white beaches.


If your mantra is mind over matter then you need to get your head into gear first, so a more meditative and spiritual environment is needed. Willka T’ika was built close to the ancient royal retreat Machu Picchu and will take you in and realign your charka, leaving you inspired and in control of your future. Bangalore’s Soykya promises to restore your natural balance with holistic therapies and by feeding you the right things, Plum Village in Cognac will straighten you out with a week of monastic Zen living, and the Purple Valley Yoga Retreat aims to reconnect your body and mind – but they’ll give you a massage as well.

If you need TLC the aptly named Self Centre in the British Virgin Islands will hold your hand and lead you towards inner loveliness though classes in relaxation, self confidence building and other things that make you feel all warm and nice.

If only the best recommendation will doMiraval, in the Santa Catalina mountains is frequented by Oprah, who when in attendance, rejuvenates with a course of yoga, meditation, pilates and outdoor pursuits including horse riding, biking and hiking. Sounds nice. Unfortunately your doctor probably won’t prescribe something like that.

Or, if your New Years Eve was so detrimental to your psyche that you need a whole overhaul, consider embarking on a Native American Vision Quest. It’s like an ancient 12 Step 12 day plan involving fasting, poetry, drumming, meditation, dance, wandering around and a lot of introspection.

These suggestions might seem extravagant at the moment but it could be worth it if it means 2010 becomes Your Year.

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