Sharks won't drive you round the bends: Reasons you should go diving!

When Jacques Cousteau ruled the underwater realms diving seemed exotic and expensive. Yeah, more people could do it than when it was men in lead shoes with hoses attaching them to their boats pumping air from above, but many people still thought it was something you said you wanted to do but never actually did, like traveling into space, which they’re now selling tickets for…

My point is that diving is only becoming more and more popular and more people are getting qualified or giving it a go. The main reason for this has to be that the underwater world is just so magical. It’s unlike anywhere else, the sights, the sounds and even the texture of things are totally different and it’s something you have to experience to really appreciate, and as an experience it’s pretty more-ish.
There are a few things which stop people joining me in the water but a lot of the time they don’t need to.

Let me help dispel some of the common concerns: You don’t need to be a strong swimmer. You have to be comfortable in the water but swimming is about having some of your body frequently above the surface, and diving isn’t. Divers can propel themselves though the water in whatever way they feel comfortable but it ain’t going to be freestyle. You don’t have to go more than a few metres below the surface. Some people dive the Great Blue Hole, but a lot of people are more than happy diving no more than 10 or 20 metres below the surface – that’s where most of the coloured sea life is anyway! Once you’re comfortable with the pressure at the bottom of a pool you can work downwards to wreck depth and deeper but a lot of the highlights of the Great Barrier Reef are less than 10 metres from the surface.

It won’t be any harder to breathe than it is normally. A lot of people worry about being able to breathe properly but we breathe when we’re asleep so don’t put that much pressure on yourself about it. No one dives for the first time without an instructor and it’s their job to make sure you know what to do and feel comfortable with it.

There are ways to make sure you don’t get the bends. Unless you’re going pretty deep ‘the bends’ isn’t something you need to worry about and if you are going deeper then you’ll know enough to use the functions on your diving watch which will tell you how slowly you need to come up to stay safe.

Sharks are more scared of you than you are of them. Sharks don’t want to eat people, for most of them we’re way more trouble than we’re worth, and divers, blowing bubbles and creating a fracas are big and not particularly prey like. You’re mush more likely to be nibbled by a tiny fish but that feels more like a kiss.

Hopefully there is now nothing left between you and the water, except where you live, and that can easily be remedied by World Reviewer.

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