Liesbet Collaert's Caribbean

Liesbet Collaert, a former school teacher from Belgium, has been an avid traveler since she was a teenager. Growing older only made this addiction worse, resulting in a gypsy life for almost 7 years now. She backpacked South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia, lived in an RV for two and a half years exploring North and Central America...  and then ended up in a 35 foot catamaran sailing the Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean.

Now she shares, maintains, cruises and fixes her floating home Irie with partner Mark and dog Darwin, and she's been sharing her experiences with us at WR for about six jealous months now...

Most recently she's shared HER Caribbean with us in our series of Questionnaires for Experts, Bloggers and other Travel Knowledgables:

Where's your home town, and what's the main reason people visit?

Eastern Caribbean. Tropical climate, snorkeling, diving, beautiful beaches, sailing, language (French speakers go to French Islands, English speakers go to ex-British islands).

What's the main reason you think people SHOULD be visiting?

Laid back atmosphere, rainforest, climate in winter, sailing, beaches.

If you had to recommend to the friend of a friend one unmissable thing to do in your home town what would it be?

Do what the locals do (soak up the atmosphere of a local market, take a local bus, join a local event, watch island music performances or sailing races, eat local food, have Sunday picnic on the beach…)

If they had a whole day in town what would you recommend they do?

For any of the islands: Take a bus or rent a car and see the local highlights (forts, jungle, market, waterfalls, cute towns)

What if they had three days?

Extend the island tour and take in at least one local event. Spend one afternoon at a beautiful, palm fringed beach and snorkel around some rocks.

What will you never catch a local doing?

Stress out.

What WILL you catch a local doing?

Take it easy, go with the flow, enjoy the island’s offerings (fishing, hiking, picking fruits, visiting sights and beaches)

And what local delicacies would visitors be fools not to try while they're there?

Oil down, roti, rum punch, ti punch (French islands), fried plantains, Johnny cakes, fried accra, callaloo, fish cakes, fried macaroni and cheese.

In 140 characters, how would you sum up your home town as a great destination?

A cultural experience with plenty of sights on land and in the turquoise waters. A great winter getaway for the active and not so active.

Anything else you want to add!?

Keep an eye out for live reggae, Happy Hour prices and (palm) shaded beaches. 

Sounds dreamy...  We're still all very jealous, Liesbet...  For more island dreaming stay tuned to Liesbet's blog, It's Irie, which is also the name of their boat, and means "All good/All right" in Jamaican (Creole).

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