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Written by  Mary Kate Alfieri

The world swims hazily into view... and I'm dragged away from my soft and inviting pillow and thrown into what I think is my less than desirably sized closet. Shaken awake by the ripples of a voice I do not know, I quickly become aware that this is not my normal closet. It has quadrupled in size and has new wooden shelf boxes, hooks, long rods and a beautiful full-length vintage mirror. The voice speaks again and it is in this moment, before I can actually hear the words being spoken, that I realize this stupendous closet is completely empty and also, that I am now on the ground because I just tripped over the one thing that was on the floor - a black box. I open the box to discover pounds - but not just a couple pounds - 10 thousand pounds! The unknown voice, now much friendlier in tone, says one last thing before it departs.


With ten thousand pounds at hand, I'm traveling the world (all in one day, of course) to find Italy's poshest fashion lines on Via Montenapoleone, the must-have handbag for celebrities on Rodeo Drive and obviously at least one pair of shoes from one of the eclectic boutiques in the Marais that are just too eccentric and can only be worn with one outfit, ever.

It's the day I've always dreamed of - when I can confidently walk down Bond Street in London and not be ashamed when the elegant Jimmy Choo saleswoman comes over to ask me if I'd like to buy their newest pair of pumps that I just tried on. Or jet set to the opposite coast and pick up the most expensive set of pearl earrings at Tiffanys on Fifth Avenue, even better than the ones I've wanted since I were 12. I close my eyes and picture the empty closet - what would dazzle in there?

In Shanghai, I have my very own dress made for me by the Chinese tailors in the Fabric and Tailor Market before I remember what will really make my wardrobe sparkle - a stunning gold bracelet from the Gold Souk in Dubai. While I'm out, I might as well take a look at the luxe shops on Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona to search for that perfect little black dress- or maybe I'll have better luck on Munich's Maximilianstraße. Actually I'll just take one of each!

My unexpected, yet better-than-I-could-have-ever expected morning has left me needing a quick break in St. Jean, Anguilla. I will relax for a couple hours on the shimmering ocean, picking up handmade fashion from the islanders and then buy a new watch from Bvlgari just across the way in Gustavia so I can keep track of all these crazy timezone changes!

Finally, I stop at Harrods - a small shopping country in itself. The first floor is decorated in fancy perfumes and handbags that make me feel like I'm as royal as Queen Lizzie. Maybe I'll even pick up a jewel-encrusted collar for my pup!

Wait... my dog is right here, and she's on my bed, licking my face... I hope this wasn't all just a dream!

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