End of a Pilgrim's Trail

Everyone needs a place for quiet reflection and somewhere to pay homage to the divine or higher powers, and that place can be somewhere you go to be alone with your thoughts or a more formal juncture of the spiritual and physical worlds. Somewhere considered sacred by many.

In these places a feeling of connection to the greater cycle of life infuses you, a sense of being part of an on going, yet striving force, striving to understand and progress toward enlightenment be it in this world or the next. And in many cases the spiritual importance is demonstrated in the beautiful, careful way the site has been maintained or decorated. So you don’t have to be religious to appreciate the impressive details which have gone into these tributes to a higher power.

Some places were sacred because of the deities they serve, Petra was dedicated to the god, Dushara, The Bodhi Tree is where the Buddha was led to meditate, Mecca is the birthplace of Muhammad and precarious Jerusalem has structures built for shared and different Gods. While others had more specific functions Angkor Wat aligns the earth with the heavens astronomically, The Great Pyramid is suggested to have gathered spiritual and celestial energy, as well as being the tomb of a strangely absent lord, and Delpih was the temple of the oracle, the go between of the man and the gods. Some, like Uluru and Mount Tai Shan are unique natural phenomena and it’s understandable that earlier cultures would attribute significant meaning to them, yet some like Stonehenge and the Moai of Easter Island are attributed with more mysterious and as yet not understood powers.

Journeying to these places you’re one pilgrim amongst many, another satisfying feeling of the arc of time and the core goodness of people and their quest to believe. Journey towards something you believe in, something that you want to understand more about or something you don’t believe in, it makes no difference, on the pilgrims trail you mingle with people all searching for something, even if it’s just the awe inspiring history and beauty of their destination. Those pilgrims looking for history and story will definitely find what they seek.

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