Where are they now?

Not everyone gets a big memorial built to remind us of them, even some famous folks only have the grave stone over their bones. They may no longer walk among us but there are some people we’re still compelled to pay tribute to and visiting their grave may be the closest you can come to a pilgrimage in their honour.

It’s fascinating to discover that Marliyn Monroe has just a simple plaque, while Elvis also has a rather simple grave, especially when compared to it’s opulent Graceland surroundings. Hemingway’s stone surprisingly bears no text, neither does JFK’s, while Al Capone’s says ‘My Jesus Mercy’ and Frank Sinatra’s read, ‘The best is yet to come’. Spike Milligan’s headstone is famous, it reads ‘I demand a second opinion.’.

Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris was unmarked for years, but it’s now a major pilgrimage site for his fans and his headstone and those surrounding it have had messages to him carved all over them.

Lenin and Mao Zedong have had their bodies embalmed, so you can still view their remains, but Stalin’s memorial is far less grand, he has a life sized statue of just his head in the corner of Red Square. Karl Marx’s head is of more epic proportions.

It may sound rather grim, but the local cemetery is a fascinating detour to take on any trip to a new town or city. As well as finding any famous local ex-inhabitants you’ll also discover the age of the place and something about its history.

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