Holiday Along a Coastline

At first mention, the word ‘coastline’ might not inspire the excitement that people crave in a truly great holiday – that quickening of the pulse, I-can’t-wait-until-I’m-there giddiness that only comes after destination daydreaming for weeks. Put up against exotic beaches and frozen landscapes, a trip to a coastline might seem, well…boring.

And then there’s the question of what to do when you get there – stare out across the water looking fearfully at the cliff only centimeters from your toes? Snap a few pictures then scamper back to the safety and comfort of your car? It doesn’t exactly sound like the holiday that you brag to family on the back of postcards. But this narrow approach to a trip along the coastline is all wrong. Delving deeper into this mélange of water and land and looking past its generality might just make you think twice before scoffing at a holiday along the coastline.

Too many people make the supreme mistake of assuming that all coastlines are just craggy rocks, sandy beaches and foamy surf – but this way of thinking undermines the dramatic influence that coastlines in creating a country’s scenery. Coastlines cut through some of the most beautiful places in the world, uncovering many other layers of natural beauty. They sculpt and mould the countryside, slicing away at the earth to reveal a fusion of both land and sea.

And this fusion creates some of the most beautifully rugged scenery. I love the vivid green mountains rising out of bright blue water in the West Norwegian Fjords and just looking at pictures of the uninhabited Ha Long Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin gives me chills. I love how unpredictable some coastlines can be. The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is flooded with black basalt columns of all sizes protruding from the sea – sparking legends that giants once used this coastline to trek across the sea to Scotland.

Not only are coastlines easy to look at, but they’re perfect for a do-it-yourself holiday. A coastline is a road map permanently carved into the landscape – there are no directions needed when you drive, cycle or backpack your way around a coastline, following a twisting, turning expanse of intermingling water and earth. And there’s not just one destination when you visit a coastline, the journey can stretch and develop for days – or longer – it’s up to you. And when one coastline comes to an end, you can guarantee that another will pop up, ready for exploration.

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