How to select a horse trailer that fits your needs

A horse trailer is a kind of a trailer which is used to house and transport horses from one place to another. A horse trailer with living quarters is a kind of a trailer which comes with separate living quarters so that you can have a comfortable stay when transporting your horses from one place to another. If you have made the decision of buying a horse trailer with living area, then there are many things that you will need to take into consideration. The following are some of the points which will help to select a horse trailer - or check out Double D Trailers.

Number of horses you need to pull

One of the first things that you’ll need to consider when selecting a horse trailer for your needs is to decide how many horses you will need to pull or carry in it. If you need to pull several horses, then the size and weight capacity of it must be a little higher. But remember that a larger trailer will cost more, need more fuel to run and may also be difficult to park.

Step up or ramp trailers

Another thing that you will need to consider is whether you wish to buy a step up trailer or a trailer with a ramp. This is a matter of personal choice and the horses can be trained to use any type of trailer. In the step up trailers, horses need to take one step after the other to move inside whereas on the ramp trailers, there is a platform provided on which the horses can walk without having to step up on the steps. In some cases, your horse may need a ramp if it has special needs like difficult in stepping due to age or other such issues.

Gooseneck or bumper pull

The choice of your horse trailer will also depend upon the towing vehicle. If you are using an SUV or a car to pull the trailer, then it is better to get a bumper pull kind of trailer. A gooseneck is a kind of a trailer which has a better sleeping area and more of storage. It offers a much better control and can be maneuvered easily as well. On the other hand, a bumper pull kind of trailer takes less space to store and is less expensive as well. If you will be carrying three or more horses, then gooseneck is a better option.

Living quarters

Those who need to use the trailer every week or even more frequently may need to buy a horse trailer that has living quarters attached. These trailers accommodate horses properly and also make space for you to sleep etc. when out on the road. These can help save costs of using motels or other kinds of accommodations etc. When buying a trailer with living area, you need to consider the space, the amenities offered, the height of the trailer as well as the various divisions or compartments.

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