How to plan when you're going travelling

Taking a gap year or a few months to go travelling and see the world is the experience of alifetime that most people dream of but not everyone has the guts to do. Half the fun is having an adventure, but that doesn't mean you can't plan to make sure your trip runs as smoothly and as stress-free as possible. 

The first thing to consider when planning your trip is how you are going to fund yourself. It's common for young people taking a gap year before university to stay at home with their parents, work full-time and save their wages.

If saving isn't an option, then you could take out a loan to fund your trip. You won't necessarily have to pay a lot of interest if you use an online comparison tool like the one on to find the best deal for you. Usually Totally Money will suggest a 0% interest credit card, which you can use to buy your flights and book accommodation and you can pay back the amount before the interest-free deal finishes. It can also be a good idea to take a credit card away with you in case of emergencies. 

Booking all your flights and hostels can seem like a daunting task, so write yourself a thorough itinerary and break down your list of things to do into small, manageable tasks. You might want to store everything in a folder to help stay organised. You might want to leave a lot of your trip unplanned so you can be spontaneous, but you'll at least need to book a flight to your first destination and a flight home from your final destination. 

Once you've decided which countries you'll be visiting and when, ask your doctor about vaccinations and find out how far in advance you'll need to have each shot. Go to the NHS web site for more information on vaccinations.

It's vital to get Travel Insurance to cover you for your entire trip and you must make sure your insurance covers you for all possible scenarios- lost luggage, accidents, theft, illness and cancelled flights. For more insurance tips check read this article by The Guardian

Make sure you've got the important things like money, flights, vaccinations and insurance organised and then you'll be able to go with the flow without worrying it's all going to go wrong.

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