How to Make the Most of One Week in London

Travel knows no boundaries, and even if it is for only a week, you can still make your London trip happen. Thinking you won’t be able to pull it off in so less time? Well, equipped with the tips we bring to you here, you can let go of that worry and start planning to make the best of your short trip to London:

Pre Book a Budget Accommodation

One of the things that you can get out of your way to make your short trip hassle free and enjoyable is to book an accommodation on budget. The great thing about London is that it gives you a variety of budget options for accommodation from hostels to B&Bs and vacation houses in London that can really cut your cost if you’re travelling with a group of friends. One thing you must consider when choosing your accommodation is the location –you want to be situated near the convenience of available transport.

Get Major Things Out of the Way on Day 1

Whatever time of the day you arrive in the city, you need to have one goal in mind- to make every minute count. If you have arrived late in the afternoon, make the most of your remaining time by getting major things out of the way. For example, get your cash ready, get a transportation card to use the Tube, and explore the neighbourhood you’re living in. Find out places nearby that you can easily access for food and other local stuff.

Hop on the Bus Tour

The London double-decker bus tours are a great way to see the major attractions, such as the Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. This you should do on Day two so that if there were a place you would like to re-visit and explore, you’d be able to do so easily.

Take Out a Day for a Spot outside London

As many attractions as there are inside of London itself, you must also set aside a day to visit one of the smaller towns outside of London or one of the many attractions in close proximity of the city, all at an hour’s distance. You can easily take a train to one of these places that you would like to explore so that you can absorb the peace, quiet and awe that rests beautifully outside London.

Don’t Forget the Museums

You need at least another day to visit the museums and most of the great ones are free, so keep aside a day for them, particularly if you are interested in art and history. Utilize your mornings to the best by sightseeing until dawn and make the most of your trip by indulging in great food wherever you can find it by night.  

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