How to Choose the Right Holiday Accommodation for You and the Kids

When choosing a holiday, how much time do you take to think about accommodation? Most people get tied up thinking about the budget and forget to consider all the possibilities where accommodation is concerned and this could actually cause you to spend more.

Hotels aren't the only option for holidays but that doesn’t mean you have to look at hostels, camping or caravan sites either. Taking a villa holiday is an option that provides you with freedom and affordability, especially if travelling as part of a group or with children.

The cost of villas is generally quoted as a single price which means it is shared amongst the number of guests to offer better value. Aside from this consideration, here are some other factors for you to think about when choosing the right holiday accommodation for you and your kids:


Most people like space, so getting more for your money should be a definite plus. It makes you feel more comfortable, free and, subsequently, relaxed. More space is better and if you’ve got little kids who are used to running around at home then you may find the spatial restrictions of a hotel room confining and difficult to cope with.

Similarly, have you thought about how many people you are brining? A family or group of friends could easily number over 4 which many hotels would suggest splitting into multiple rooms, essentially cutting you off via corridors or even entire floors.

A modest villa may be able to work around this, providing a central hub to stay connected and giving you all the freedom to stretch out and really enjoy yourself.

Peace and quiet

Next, do you prefer to be alone at times? Hotels don't offer this option as, even in your room, you're often only a metre or so away from someone else with everyone packed into a relatively small space for maximum efficiency. This is great for the hotel, but bad for you. Holidays are all about stretching your legs, closing your eyes and relaxing.

We've already discussed space, so in this instance, peace and quiet is the next step. Loud neighbours and big crowds don't provide this but villas do and that is great if you’re trying to get little ones off to sleep at a reasonable time. It also means you don’t have to worry about other guests complaining should your kids get a little overexcited and make too much noise.


Finally – even if you don't notice it – most hotels work on a time frame. This is especially true for package deals as food is made available at certain times, the bar is open for certain hours and everything else works on some form of clock or schedule.

Before you know it, you're adjusting your plans to someone else’s guidelines.

As you may expect, private accommodation doesn't do this. There is no one to get in your way, no one for you to rely on and no one to dictate what you do or when you do it. Bliss!

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