Paranormal Palaces: The UK's Most Haunted Places to Stay

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Whether or not you believe in the paranormal or haunted houses most of us acknowledge that Hamlet was right when he said: ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio than are dreamt of in you philosophy.’

The world is ripe with mysterious haunted happenings and paranormal sensations, which make it all the more fun to number amongst the living, and courting a bit of ghostly danger by staying in one of these most haunted houses could put the tingle back in your spine and the wind right up you…

The chilly name of Chillingham appears, etched in paranormal blood, on the list of the most haunted houses you can spend the night in… Its dungeon is a haunted spider’s web of graffiti, whispering paranormal tales of the torture chamber next door, while above ground the ghost of a poisoned lady lurks in the pantry, a suicidal spirit plays with a boy in blue and the courtyard rings out with the haunted drunken revelry of paranormal castle guards.

Any castle boasting a Whipping Pit and a Drowning Pit, as well as a full set of dungeons, is sure to have a bloody past.  As well as those charming features, one philandering Lord of Ruthin Castle had his lover murdered by his wife who was then beheaded, so that’s two potential identities for the ghostly Grey Lady stalking the battlements and chapel, but no one is sure who the haunted child who joins her could be... Aside from that bloody history this most haunted of accommodation sounds charming: medieval in style but with central heating.

Hotels host all kinds of paranormal happenings and stray spirits, both alive and dead, so it’s no surprise to find so many on the lists of most haunted houses.

The Station Hotel has a notorious history, haunted by the paranormal remains of violent or murdered lovers who play out their last moments in the cellar. The York Pavilion Hotel and Gorse Hill are also thought to be haunted by paranormal lovers crossed who manifest their madness and loneliness from beyond the grave with bursts of cold air, unexplained movement of objects and mysterious wispy visions. The Red Lion Pub is the haunted home of ghostly children and the paranormal remains of a woman called Florrie who likes men with beards.

Charming by day, haunted by night, the Great White Horse Hotel’s rabbit warren of back corridors is no place to stray, it’s where paranormal investigators say the Lady in Grey hides from her murderer. The Walworth Castle, Darlington is haunted by a grey lady of its own, she became pregnant by the stable boy and was locked in the turret, now room 16, while The George Hotel is the paranormal palace of the haunted Lady in Green.

Any inn where the owner has to make a specific request, on their website, for paranormal investigators and psychics not to stir up any more trouble or summon any more ghostly guests, has got to be on a list of the most haunted houses to stay in. The Ancient Ram was built on a haunted pagan burial ground so it had paranormal pedigree even before a spectral and incontinent cat, a murdered man and a lustful lass joined the bone chilling paranormal fun.

If your nerves won’t hold a whole night, many of the world's most haunted houses, like the Winchester Mansion, have special paranormal tours on Halloween, the night when the boundaries between the living and the dead are at their most flimsy…

More Haunted Houses and Palaces to the Paranormal

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