Credit Crunch Travel: Best Exchange Rate Destinations

The credit crunch isn’t offering anyone much joy, but some countries have suffered worse than others, and there’s an opportunity here to take advantage of the dives some currencies have taken. If that sounds a bit too much like opportunistic schadenfreude (joy at the misfortune of others) don’t feel bad, these countries need your tourist pound, dollar or euro more than anyone else does.

As well as keeping an eye out for cheap travel deals based on the time of year and destination, in the current financial climate you can also get a good deal by watching the money markets for a good exchange rate. Converting to Euros is a big credit crunch no-no, but unfortunate currencies like the South African Rand, the Argentinean Peso and the Icelandic Króna will give you a lot of bang for your credit crunch buck (or quid.).

Blame the credit crunch, put your opportunistic hat on and consider the options again though freshly rose-discounted glasses:

Iceland, land of vast scenery sculptured into unique shapes and striking colours, is more than just a beautiful coastline. Iceland’s pleasures also include Spas and spa resorts, like Blue Lagoon, a world of palest blue water, steam and white silica mud at 24 degrees and Geysir, the original, and an impressive spit of water charging 180 feet into the air, in fact Iceland has more than 800 hot springs to wallow warmly in - think about the extra saving in hot water! Cheap transport comes in the form of horse riding, a really good way to see Iceland’s scenic beauty as you hop between hot springs.
Of course Iceland does have that beautiful coastline as well, perfect for whale watching or sailing or fishing.

South Africa is another country of impressive and vibrant scenery and battered currency. From the magic coastline of Kwazulu ripe for snorkeling, diving and surfing and site of The Great Sardine Migration, a good way to get a cheap feed as well, to The Garden Route, the Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands. South Africa has more wildlife than anyone would want to shake a discounted stick at. For a less rugged credit crunch discount, South Africa is also home of wine regions Stellenbosch and Paarl and some very civilised cross country hikes.

Argentina is almost a hybrid of the first two credit crunch discounted currency destinations – the mountains of Patagonia are icy white like Iceland’s, while the interior is rich with the potential for adventure. Cycling – yet another cheap transport option – though the Lake District, or skiing down a glacierwill fill you with the kind of excitement you could once get from the stock markets, or take a break, sit back and admire the serenity in front of the thundering falls of Iguazu. Even the drama of the credit crunch isn’t a patch on their falling torrents.

There has to be some silver lining to the credit crunch after all. You may not be able to use your credit card to buy groceries at home but paying for your holidays to one of these credit crunch victims will be much less painless all round.

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