Casinos to Visit in South America

Many of the South American Countries have warm and tropical beaches which are quite attractive to travellers especially when they are trying to escape the cold reality of their winter. Along with these beach activities come many other attractions that interest travellers. Among these alternative attractions is casino gambling which has been made even more popular thanks to the rise of online sites and the whole online roulette frenzy. There are many countries within the continent to visit. One such country that one may be interested in is Venezuela.

Venezuela offers the breath-taking Angel Falls which is the highest waterfall found anywhere in the world. With sparkling beaches and a pleasing climate, it is no wonder so many people come here. One of the best casinos in the Venezuela can be found in Maracaibo. With a casino floor measuring over 40,000 square feet, there’s something for everyone here at the Casino Maruma. The slot machines are around 350 and include video slots as well as mechanized reel slots. About 30 table games can be found at the Casino Maruma and include common games like roulette, baccarat and blackjack. Roulette is the American version which features one additional slot on the reels of the machine.

Heading east to the city of Porlamar, one can find the Margarita Casino. With a gaming floor of 39,000 square feet, the Margarita Casino is similar in size to the Casino Maruma. Expect to find 200 slot machines on the casino floor. Table games here are similar to the ones found at Casino Maruma but also include craps as well as Caribbean Stud Poker. The Margarita Casino is affiliated with the Hilton International Hotel which can provide top of the line lodging for those who wish to stay within close proximity to the casino. A restaurant has also been added to provide a full serve gambling experience for visitors.

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