Best Historical Sites in Israel

One of the best things about visiting Israel is that you can't walk five steps without finding a historical site. Or in this case, drive five miles. Here are the best and most important historical sites to be found in Israel.

Western Wall (Wailing Wall)

This gigantic wall has become the holiest site of Judaism because it is the last remaining wall that surrounded the Holy Temple. Everyone can pray at this site, in whatever language and even whatever religion suits them, making it a must-see site for everyone who visits.


This city houses several ancient places of interest. The outdoor Roman amphitheater near the beach is a popular concert location during the summers when it doesn't rain. The archaeological park is a wonderful place to see ancient artifacts. The Hippodrome houses reconstructed frescoes, an ancient lavatory, a bath house, and a promenade.


This ancient fortress contains sites such as a Roman-style bath house, remains of a palace, and several ancient homes all sitting on top of the flat top of the high mountain. To get to the tour of Masada, you have several options: you can take the cable car to the top, you can climb up the snake path, or you can walk up the back on the Roman ramp trail.

Independence Hall

Tel Aviv is a relatively modern city, but that doesn't mean there are not historical sites to be found there. Independence Hall is a good example of a historical site. Housed temporarily in the Shalom Tower, this is the location of Israel's declaration of independence by David Ben Gurion in 1948. While in the museum, visitors can listen to his speech declaring Israel's independence.

Ammunition Hill

Located in Jerusalem's French Hill neighborhood, Ammunition Hill is the site of one of the battles for Jerusalem in 1967's Six Day War. This historical site houses a museum depicting the battles and still contains the bunkers dug for the Israeli troops. 

Beit Shean

One of the most overlooked historical sites in Israel is located in the Galilee region of northern Israel and is one of the country's largest archaeological sites. Take a walk over to the ancient amphitheater built by the Romans and get a feel for the entertainment of that era. Enjoy gazing at the mosaic on the floor and the Roman bath house. 

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