Best Hidden Parks in London

Although there's lots to do and see in this city, one of greatest aspects of London would have to be its abundance of green spaces. The city is full of nature parks and gardens that give residents and visitors the chance to relax with nature in the middle of a busy metropolis. And the best part of these attractions is that they're free (or at least have cheap entrance fees). But instead of providing you with descriptions of the well known parks and gardens, here is some insight on London's secret green spaces that are dying to be explored.

Camley Street Natural Park

If you were blindfolded and dropped off at this natural park, you would never guess that this two-acre woodland was in the middle of London. Camley is located near the St. Pancras railway and is home to several species of birds, butterflies, and amphibians, under the protection of London Wildlife Trust.

St. Mary's Cemetery

Although not technically classified as a park or garden, this graveyard is a nice escape from the urban hype. Situated next to Bolingbroke Grove in Battersea, St. Mary's is a serene and undisturbed area shaded by beautifully aged trees, including cherry blossoms.

Hill Garden and Pergola

A picture of this garden almost looks like a snapshot of a fairytale. Built around 1910 to 1925, Hill Garden and Pergola was constructed for Lord Leverhulme and is now a public attraction. As you cruise down the Pergola Walk, you'll be graced with lovely aromas of its exotic plants and fragrant flowers. You'll find the place along Inverforth Close in Hampstead.

Getting to London

There are several major airports located in and around London, but chances are that you'll be be arriving at Heathrow, the city's largest and busiest airport. Now that all five terminals are open, Heathrow offers more options for passengers in areas such as airport parking, pre-flight entertainment, and additional carriers, making travel to and from London all the more convenient and enjoyable.

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