Before You Die - the World's Favourite Destinations

Written by  Kellie Meyer

We have recently started to survey where the travel professionals would like to travel to – places they have not yet been to, and the kind of ‘before you die’ experiences they dream about. Here are the first fruits of our research. If you’d like to be included, please contact us!

Africa - "Different to my home; people like to go to places that are different than their own country" - Chen Lei, SCIC-Beijing

Austria - "The people and the scenery” -Thomas Mitchell, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

Austrialia - "To go to the other side of the Earth" - Lazaro Perez, Andalusia's Tourist Office

Berlin - "The music scene"  Tom Reeve, Expotel

Bora Bora - "Its beautiful" - Marta Slawska, Explore Global

Bruges - "I always wanted to go there" - Fatima Zervino, Tucuman Tourism

Buccament Bay, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - "It looks like an amazing place to go to"  - Thabiso Leshoain, Botswana Tourism Board

Climb Kilimanjaro - "One of the places I wanted to go to"-Danielle Noonan, Singapore Tourism Board

Cuba - "Something totally different than Europe. Also its charm" - Nicusor Golisteanu, Majesti Travel -Tour Operator Romania

Hawaii - "Somewhere I would like to just chill, getaway from work and everything" -Dmitri Vernon, Bahamas Tourist Office

Hong Kong - "I never made it there" - Jill Fielding, Swallow Hotels

Maldives - "Just paradise"  -Tsuetina Hristovska, Balkan Holiday

Mauritius - "Always been in love with it" - Ashlee Ciora, Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

Mexico "Culture, sea, sun, food, beaches" -Diego Lanzoni, Italian State Tourist Board UK & Ireland

Mongolia"I've been all over the world but never to Mongolia" -Jim Saunderson, New Hampshire- Ski & Travel Support Services (UK) Ltd.

Montana - "I saw Robert Redford in a movie that was filmed there" -Sarah Matthews, Tourism Flanders- Brussels

New York City - "I've never been there before" -Rupert Simonian, Mexico Tourism Board

New Zealand - "Scenery and sports" - Andy Greenslade, Carlton Hotel Group

North Pole - "I've been to Laplands, but Id like to go to the North Pole" -Jade Barton, RwandaAir

Paris - "The culture, musuems and galleries" -Sally Williams, The National Trust

Patagonia - "Visit the Welsh enclave" -Daisy Sells, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Portugal - "What I know, it's quite similar to where I live but at the same time so different"  - Peter Porczi, National Tourist Board of Hungary

Peru to see Machu Picchu - "Out of the reality of things" -Emilio Barba, Royal Jardanian

Red Sea - "Seems popular with everyone at the moment and I haven't had the chance to go yet" - Carmel Sneyd, Olympic Holidays                     

Safari in Africa - "This is the one place I haven't been" - Cecilia Dahl, Smart Destinations

Scotland - "The scenery is beautiful" - Diana M. Flett, Orlando-Melbourne International Airport

Silk Road by car - "I've done the Trans-Siberian Express so I want to see the other end" - Leanne Thompson, Hat Marketing LTD (See our Silk Road on horse-back)

Tonga - "To see the island"  - Jiri Novak, Otus

Virginia - "I've heard that it is such a beautiful place" - Suzanne Mason, Grenada Board of Tourism

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