Awesome Things to do in Koh Phangan!

Even though Koh Phangan is widely known for its non-stop crazy parties, a great multitude of people are unaware that there is a quiet and lovely side to this beautiful island too. In fact, many travellers purposely stay away from the parties and craziness, just to enjoy this other side of it.

If you talk to other tourists in Koh Phangan, you will discover that many of them in fact come from as far as Koh Chang to experience its serene as well as maddening aspects. Furthermore, considering that there are comfortable and affordable transport options available from Koh Chang to Koh Phangan and from many other Thai destinations, this island gets a good number of tourists all through the year. Let’s now acquaint you with the top 3 awesome things you should definitely do when in Koh Phangan!

Attend the Full Moon Party

Well, ask anyone and s/he will tell you that no trip to Koh Phangan can be termed as complete if you don’t attend its crazy Full Moon Party! Many actually consider it as a ‘right to passage’ on this island, and it is understandable why it is so popular amongst the tourists all over the world. Over the years, the Full Moon Party has expanded its repertoire and people also celebrate the Black Moon Party, Half Moon Party and so on these days!

Regardless, it is still an amazing experience which every traveller should take part in at least once. However, please remember to not go overboard with the drinking, and to never accept drinks from people unknown to you. Needless to say, don’t litter and always dispose your buckets and beer bottles responsibly.

Go diving

While many people consider Koh Tao, the neighbouring island to be a better dive spot than Koh Phangan, what they don’t know is that some of the the dive sites accessible from Koh Tao are reachable from Koh Phangan as well. For instance, Sail Rock and Southwest Pinnacle are couple of dive sites which are halfway from both the islands and are excellent to say the least! If you wish to only go snorkelling, beaches in Haad Ya and Haad Salad are worth checking out. Although there are plenty of pretty dive sites throughout Thailand, the ones situated close to Koh Tao and Koh Phangan shouldn’t be missed at all!

Night market’s eating options

When you’re in Koh Phangan, don’t forget to visit the Thong Sala night market. Unlike the majority of night markets, this one is a food lover’s paradise! The selection of seafood that you will find here is unmatchable and every single meal served is the most delicious and freshest you will ever taste! On offer are several dishes ranging from conventional Thai meals to fried potatoes, sushi rolls and much more. Following are some of the food items that are definitely a must-try:

  • Masaman Curry
  • Laarb
  • Mango Sticky Rice and
  • Pad Thai

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