A Young Traveller's Athens

One of the oldest cities in the world is a popular spot for young partygoers. The nightlife in Athens is growing \cause of increased demand for great club nights and internationally famous DJs. 

As is the case with a lot of European cities, clubs open at 11pm and close at around 6am, so it's not unusual for your evening to begin at around 3am! Many bars are open until 4am, so you can have a great night even if you don't go to any of the clubs. The streets are always buzzing with atmosphere and the city can be an exciting place to be.

Gazi is the area that is really up and coming, with lots of bars and cafés where trendy young artists and designers spend their time.  It's an industrial district and the galleries restaurants and clubs have a unique industrial design due to the fact that most of them are in remodelled factories.

At Psirri, you can find some of Athens' most popular clubs.  

Plaka and Monastiraki are two classic Athenian areas, these are the places to go to enjoy traditional Greek entertainment and culture: lots of places with live Greek music.

When organising your trip it's wise to research the areas you would like to visit and take a look at the best clubs and hotspots.  If you are going with friends or as part of a group, it's always best to be fully prepared for any unexpected occurrences.


Unfortunately, the types of places which attract young partygoers may also not be the best in terms of health and safety, so to avoid having to make a personal injury claim with a firm such as Express Solicitors, make sure to stay safe and sensible.

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