A Luxury Date in Leicester Square, London – On a Budget

While socialising in London is hardly affordable, there are options for those who would like to save money. Such cost-cutting need not come at the expense of your experience, however, as you can treat your loved one to an incredibly romantic and intimate time without spending the earth.

Take Leicester Square, for example, which is a hub of activity located in London’s renowned West End. It is also a central location that is within walking distance of some breath-taking landmarks, while visitors can also access a staggering array of restaurants, bars and diverse entertainment within the vicinity.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the central components of an affordable, West End date.

Visit the National Portrait Gallery

Arguably one the most popular attractions in London’s famed West End, the National Portrait Gallery can also be considered as an iconic example of British culture. It houses portraits of significant historical figures since the 15th century, including iconic characters such as Henry VIII, Sir Richard Branson and each one of the Beatles. Aside from the fascinating nature of this attraction, it also offers affordable entry fees and provides plenty of talking points to spark conversation during your date.

Hit the Local Bars and Restaurants

After a day taking in the sights, sounds and heritage of Leicester Square, the next step is to enjoy an intimate meal at one of the surrounding, affordable restaurants. One of the best lower-end eateries is the healthy Ruby Blue, which is located at Leicester Place and within touching distance of the local Premier Inn hotel. Serving calories conscious food across multiple cuisines in a romantically-lit setting, you can spend intimate time with your date while also enjoying a satisfying meal. This will also not cost the earth, so it is well worth a visit.

For dessert, why not head across to the nearby Haagen Dazs to enjoy a lavish and delicious dessert. With a number of innovative and tasty ice-cream based dishes, you can enjoy a playful end to a wonderful meal.

Take the Plunge at the Nearby Empire Casino

Located at 5 and 6 Leicester Square, The Casino at the Empire is situated in an old theatre and is one of the most famous casinos in London. It may provide a unique and thrilling finale to your evening, however, as you and your loved one look to gamble a small amount of money and win big at any one of a number of tables. Whether you look to win some money for your partner or simply aim to enjoy some refreshments and soak up the electric atmosphere, The Casino at the Empire is ideal for you. Above all else, it introduces a genuine element of unpredictability to your date, and ensures that it will be as memorable for its diversity as it is for its quality.

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