A Look Into How Americans Travel Between States

The USA is vast and every state has unique experiences, different landscapes and even different time zones to offer. Whether it’s for a summer vacation or a simply weekend away, taking a trip to another state will provide plenty of life long memories. If you’re considering your own state-to-state trip, it’s important to make sure you have checked whether you need to apply for an ESTA Visa before travelling. Here’s how Americans travel between states.

Road Trip

The road trip has long been the favoured method of travel for young people. The low driving age in America means that school-leavers and college students are able to grab their friends, pack their bags and hit the road.  A popular route is along the west coast, stopping off at various cities in California, before continuing to drive onto Seattle. The famous Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles takes you on a route through varied terrain and allows you to see many landmarks along the way. A road trip is a great way to fit many tourist destinations in without the expense of multiple flights. It also offers you a lot of freedom to stop between destinations whenever you find somewhere of interest. For families travelling between states, a road trip can also be the most cost effective way to travel instead of having to pay for multiple plane tickets and extra expenses like luggage and meals.


Flights are the preferred method for many American travellers. This is typically the quickest method to get across states and is the easiest way to travel for big events such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, which is when most Americans travel between states. Flying is sometimes the most convenient option, especially for someone who is transporting a large amount of luggage. Some domestic flights can be incredibly short and, if booked carefully, can be inexpensive. Of course, this all depends on the season the flight is in and where they are going.


There are many train companies offering trips which take people across the country, stopping off in various states along the way. For Americans looking for a holiday with a packed itinerary, this can be a unique way to see the country in a short space of time. You’ll see the landscape changing dramatically outside of the window. However, train can be a slow way to travel and most trains have sleeping cars because the trip will go through the night. There are also trains which run from the west to east coast, although these are relatively infrequent- running only once or twice a day- so it is important to plan ahead before taking a trip.

Various factors will influence how Americans choose to travel, including their personal preference, budget and the amount of time they have. But these are the main ways in which people travel between states, whether it is for family visits, seasonal events or simple to explore more of their country.

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