A Local's guide to Orangeville, Ontario

Not everyone harks from a big, exciting city, and this, our latest in the series of Questionnaires for Experts, Bloggers and other Travel Knowledgables, answered by Pamela MacNaughtan - a self proclaimed spunky girl traveller - is a guide to a place that most of you probably won't have heard of...  It's near Toronto though, so if you like a bit of peace and quiet this might be the bit of local knowledge that makes your Canadian odyssey.  

Where's your home town, and what's the main reason people visit?

I moved around a lot when I was growing up, however the longest we ever stayed in one place was in Orangeville, Ontario. To be honest, the main -and probably only- reason to visit Orangeville is if you have friends or family there. However it is only a 45 minute drive to Toronto and that is where the action is at.

What's the main reason you think people SHOULD be visiting?

Wow, good question. I haven't been in Orangeville for about 8 years now. If anything, it's a nice small town, away from the city. The town is slowly growing and its closeness to the Mono Cliffs, hiking trails and Hockley Valley (for skiing) would make it an ideal 'quiet' getaway.

If you had to recommend to the friend of a friend one unmissable thing to do in your home town what would it be?

If it's winter, go to a Crusher's game. It's the local hockey team and always interesting due to fights in the stands rather than the rink.

If they had a whole day in town what would you recommend they do?

Shop and have lunch at a local restaurant. The Train Station is great - if it is still open...

What if they had three days?

Leave! No, do some outdoor things like hiking. It's beautiful in the fall and there is plenty nearby to keep one entertained after they've hit up the shops and local bars.

What will you never catch a local doing?

Hard to say, things have changed a lot since I lived there.

What WILL you catch a local doing?

Going to bars, getting drunk, picking fights. Orangeville is very community based. There are tons of activities happening and many people participate here.

And what local delicacies would visitors be fools not to try while they're there?

I'm pretty sure Orangeville does not have a local delicacy.

In 140 characters, how would you sum up your home town as a great destination?

Orangeville, where a boring small town in Ontario makes a great escape from the exciting city life of Toronto.

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