7 Best Holiday Destinations for Seniors

Thinking of going on a holiday? This article will provide you with information on the best destinations for seniors.


Most people spend majority of their lives working and caring for their families. Often, it is only in their senior years that they find enough time for themselves. Many elderly grab this opportunity to do what they have always wanted and to see the places they have never been to. Travelling in your senior years may have its challenges, but it can also be very rewarding especially when you pick the right destinations.


This European destination has a lot to offer for both the young and the old. Those in their senior years particularly enjoy the warm weather and culture that is to be found here. With lots of beaches, cultural sights and delicious food, this is can be good for first choice holidays. Many other seniors frequent the place or decide to settle down here.


The Mediterranean likewise has a number of beautiful places to visit. If you are one for islands and the sea then the hillside villages of Greece are a good place to go. Aside from this, the place also offers beautiful historic ruins, not to mention some of the most delicious and healthy dishes across the globe.


Perhaps one of the most popular destinations for vacation at any age, this world renowned country makes a good stop for seniors too. Those with a love for wine and a pallet for finer food will find a lot to do in this place. Many of the vineyards and regions are accessible via land travel making it easier for the elderly.


For those with a passion for exotic places and cuisine, this Asian destination is a good choice. Like many of the other places on this list, the tropical country offers warm weather which is an advantage for many seniors. Scenic views across the country side and beautiful beaches are just among the things to see. Last minute holidays to this destination are possible with many package deals available.


If it is beaches, sun sand and warm weather that seniors crave, there is no destination like Hawaii. This state offers a lot of island tours, plantation tours, treks, trails and volcanic tours. More active seniors will enjoy these along with Luau’s and delicious food. Try some of these Top 10 Maui Activities for Seniors, for example.


Another European destination that is popular with seniors and other ages, this country has a lot to offer in terms of history and culture. Elderlies with a love for architecture, art and history will surely enjoy going through the popular cities. Food is also always something to look out for in this country known for pasta, pizza and more. If budget is a concern consider all inclusive holidays.


Get a one of a kind vacation when you travel to Australia. During the warmer seasons, amiable weather can be expected. Tour the many different regions of Australia by air, rail or cruise. From exotic forests to majestic beaches and cultural sites, seniors will find something that will surely interest and amuse them.

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