5 Top Tourist Attractions of Washington City

Washington DC, USA’s capital, teams up with vast museums, iconic monuments and powerful corridors where demagogues and visionaries roam. In the entire world, Washington is the most important capital city. Although not a very huge city, Washington packs the wallop when you wish to do things or see things here. You get to know about the history of US, view the precious historical documents in the museums while also watch Congress in action. There are almost dozens of museums punctuating the city. Apart from this, it is extremely famous for chief attractions, food, shopping and cultural shows. Let us check out some of them.

The largest Library: ‘Library of Congress’

Being the largest library in the entire world, ‘Library of Congress’ has humble beginnings since it harbours the documents of US transferred from Philadelphia. Founded in the year 1800, it was initially just the reference library for 100 years, but today it has 158 million of items. Here you find the treasure house of North American rare books and the best part is that it is open for public viewing. The Sacred Room is just stunning.

A visit to Washington National Cathedral

The government of the United States likes separating state and the church. Washington National Cathedral in Washington is the Neo-Gothic structure and is the 6th largest cathedral in the world. This cathedral witnessed the funeral ceremonies of Reagan, Presidents Eisenhower and Ford took place here.

The very famous National Air and Space Museum

As a visitor to this museum, you need not be a kid to find it attractive. The museum is the important component of the Smithsonian Institution that offers exciting hands on activities for kids and for people up to the age of 80. Exhibits here include 1903 Wright Flyer to the moon landing expedition of Apollo 11. Here you get to see how the scientists explored the space.

Washington Monument: the best known obelisks

This is one of the finest obelisks on the entire earth. Constructed during the 19th century, the Washington Monument is attributed to the military accomplishments of George Washington in the Revolutionary War. It is more than 170 meters in height and thus it is the most prominent structure ever constructed.

The world famous National Mall

If you are planning to tour Washington, you cannot miss out National Mall. Surrounded by lush greenery, a simple stroll around National Mall will take you much away from the city. It is situated downtown and moves towards the west of US Capitol building to the eastern Potomac River. Here you also find variety of Vietnam memorials and museums.

The above mentioned top 5 places are the chief attractions of Washington DC that are worth considering. Apart from these, you can also consider visiting Georgetown Neighbourhood, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, White House and United States Capitol. To know what to do in Washington, check this YouTube video. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable airport taxi service in Washington, click here.


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