5 things to do in Europe when travelling

Travelling Europe can be a great experience, as it has so much to offer to such a variety of tastes. With historical castles that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale, incredible works of modern art and architecture and beach destinations with unrivalled nightlife, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes in Europe.

Try Italian coffee

Coffee plays an important role in Italian culture. Though we may drink cappuccinos throughout the day, this is simply not done in Italy. Even if your hotel provides breakfast, immerse yourself in the local culture by heading to a cafe for a cappuccino during the morning, as it is considered a breakfast coffee in Italy.

Hire a bike

There are a few European cities which are perfectly suited to bicycles. If you’re in Copenhagen or Amsterdam in particular, hire a bike through one of the cycling schemes, and get from A to B like a true local.

Eat like a local

Trying local cuisine is key to the travelling experience. Unfortunately, a number of the restaurants tourists end up eating at are designed specifically for them, potentially robbing you of the experience of eating the area’s authentic food at a genuine local restaurant. Check out blogs with reviews before you go (Google Translate is your friend), and find out where locals really eat, and you’re more likely to get a taste of typical food from the country, and less likely to get ripped off.

Travel by train

Travel between destinations by train. You’ll save money, and the views are far more interesting than they are when travelling by air.

Head off the beaten track

Don’t just stick to Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Barcelona, try travelling to some of the more obscure destinations if you’re looking for authenticity. Try day trips to small towns and villages if you aren’t ready to go and stay in the middle of nowhere.

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