5 Reasons to Stay at a Holiday Apartment in Munich

Tourism in Munich is increasing on a yearly basis. This is because of the several historic sites, the amazing cuisine and the brilliant hospitality that Munich offers to its guest. There are lots of things to do under the beautiful Munich skies, and for those who want an unforgettable travel experience; Munich certainly offers them a complete package.

However, most people can only spend a limited amount of money on their vacations. If you want to shop, travel or save money for restaurants, then staying at a holiday apartment in Munich is an option worth considering. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a vacation rental apartment instead of staying at a hotel:

1. More Privacy

A lot of people like having their own space, and hotel rooms, with their frequent housekeeping visits, thin walls, echoing corridors, crowded lounges and swimming pools, are not very private. All this does not apply to holiday home rentals, since you have the entire space during your stay.

2. Spacious

A holiday apartment is almost three times more spacious than a hotel room. And therefore, if you are travelling as a large group, or with your entire family, holiday apartments are ideal for you. There is enough space for everyone.

3. It’s Going to Save You a Significant Amount of Cash

The bigger and fancier it is, the more costly a hotel will be. This isn’t always the same with a vacation home – while they do vary in prices, depending on their size or location, vacation homes are at a whole different level when you compare them to hotel prices in Munich.

Moreover, cooking your own meals will save you a fortune when you don’t want to head to the restaurants. Trust us on this one, your bank account will thank you for opting for a holiday apartment!

4. Enjoy the Comforts of Home Away From Home

Holiday homes are furnished, and they have all the facilities that you have at home. With a TV, large closets, comfy sofa sets and more, it feels just right.

Not to forget, washing machines and irons allow you to do your own ironing and laundry, which will save you LOTS of money that you might otherwise have to spend on drycleaners or hotel laundry services.

5. Pet-Friendly Environment

Most hotels don’t allow pets in their rooms, or have ‘special’ rooms for guests who come with their pets – in a not-so-tidy area of the hotel. Holiday apartments won’t treat your precious pets that way. Some holiday apartments allow tenants to bring their pets with them – for people travelling with animals; this is definitely a perk!

While planning your trip, if you want a more local experience while staying iin the city, then you should definitely consider renting an apartment in Munich!

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