5 Foods That May Boost Your Immunity During Travel 

Whether you are traveling within the United States or venturing abroad, a vacation can open the door to countless adventures. You have the chance to discover new friends, new cultures, and, most enjoyably, new favorite foods. However, traveling may also give germs and bacteria the chance to make your body their new home, particularly if you are traveling by plane. If you want to keep germs at bay and stay healthy during your travels, there are several foods you can eat on a daily basis that may help boost your immunity.  

1.     Fermented Foods   

Eating at cruise ship buffets or at family-style restaurants in a strange city may leave you vulnerable to a variety of stomach viruses than can cause symptoms that range from fevers to vomiting to severe diarrhea. Some of these food-borne illnesses might even knock you flat on your back for most of your holiday and then linger long after you have returned home.   However, there are several different types of fermented foods you can eat to boost your tummy’s immunity, and the wide variety available can keep you from getting bored with eating them. For breakfast, try to include a cup of plain yogurt with fresh mixed berries, as the active cultures may help balance the good bacteria in your gut. For lunch, add a side of sauerkraut to your sandwich or to an all-beef hotdog. For supper, toss some pickles onto your burger or into a chicken stir fry, as the probiotics they contain may strengthen your immunity. 

2.     Berries   

Colds germs can come from virtually anywhere, from the counters in an airplane bathroom to the concierge’s pen at the sign-in desk at your hotel. Since the odds of catching a cold decrease the stronger your body’s immune system is, eating foods rich in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system may prevent one. One food that is versatile as well as packed with vitamin is the berry group, which includes blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.   You can include these berries in a grab-and-go smoothie, toss a handful in your lunchtime salad, and even include them in a fresh fruit plate for a light and flavorful dessert. Remember that smoothies made with just a few simple ingredients usually contain less sugar than those made from powders.  

3.     Peppers   

Whether you enjoy the spice of red peppers or the satisfying crunch of yellow or green bell peppers, this tasty veggie can go a long way in helping to give your body the immunity boost it needs. All three types contain vitamins A and C, and a large pepper can contain as much as over 500 percent of the daily value of vitamin C. This can be highly valuable for keeping your immunity strong enough to fight a variety of travel bugs.   Peppers are also versatile enough to add to almost any meal. Scramble chopped peppers in with your morning eggs, add some pico de gallo to your afternoon burger or, if you are staying somewhere that allows you to make larger meals, stir-fry some pepper strips with beef or chicken marinated in Hamptoncreek Just Italian Dressing, which is made with no artificial ingredients or colors. Green bell pepper slices dipped in dressing or hummus also make for a light midafternoon snack or as part of a crudité appetizer.  

4.     Garlic   

Not only is garlic found in dishes all over the world, it can help give your immunity boost because of the sulfur it contains. One compound, in particular, known as allicin, can be particularly effective at fighting infections and preventing others from taking hold. Add garlic to meats when cooking or choose dishes that contain it when you eat out, such as shrimp scampi, garlic chicken with rice, and add garlic bread as a side dish to your pasta. While eating garlic can boost your immunity, avoid overindulging, as eating too much of this spice may upset your stomach.  

5.     Almonds   

Almonds can be eaten by the handful, baked into cookies, or put into a snack mix and are a good source of vitamin E, which, along with vitamin C, is an immunity-boosting element. These nuts are also highly portable, whether you carry them in a snack pack or take them along in your purse.   Getting sick during your vacation can derail activities that took months of planning. However, if you add these immunity-boosting foods to your daily meals, you can bid bon voyage to germs and say hello to fun and adventure, no matter where you seek them out.

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