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Top destinations for Kayaking / Rafting: Chile, Nepal, Turkey, United States, United Kingdom

Adrift Adventure Company

Based on the White Nile, Adrift also lead white water adventures on other exciting and remote rivers

The source of the White Nile has some of the most exciting white water in the world, and Adrift made a historic entry there in 1996 bringing their guests to this white water for the first time. Since then Nile High Bungee and Camp visitors have rafted, kayaked and river surfed on the huge, warm, crashing waves. more »

TypeBased inPrice range
Inbound operatorUganda flag UgandaMid-range

Adventure Trippin'

The Adventure Trippin' motto is "Why just see it when you can Experience it."

An Adventure Trippin' trip is designed to get you off the tourist trail and on an adventure, you could be rafting, cycling, kayaking, camping, trekking or more. more »

TypeBased inPrice range
Outbound operatorCanada flag CanadaMid-range, Premium

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