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Top destinations for Archaeology Tours: Italy, Turkey, Asia, Europe, Middle East

Clam Tours

Opening Rome's shells with our expertise, you can explore the layers of the Eternal City you want to.

Clam Tours lead personalized, private walks throughout Rome to help you explore and enjoy the faces of the Eternal City that you want to see. more »

TypeBased inPrice rangeGroup size
Inbound operatorItaly flag ItalyPremiumPrivate

Peter Sommer Travels

Exceptional expert led cultural tours and gulet cruises in Turkey and Greece

Peter Sommer Travels design inspirational trips of a lifetime: stimulating and luxurious tours, educational and relaxing cruises. Carefully crafted journeys in Turkey and Greece will take you to some of the world’s best preserved Greek and Roman ruins, with a friendly and knowledgeable guide ready to bring their history to life. more »

TypeBased inPrice rangeGroup size
Inbound operatorUnited Kingdom flag United KingdomMid-range, PremiumSmall

Lycian Expedition

Lycian Expedition aim to share the history of this exquisite ancient country and create awareness of the treasures it has to offer.

Teke Peninsula is a popular touristic region for the “full-board” tourists and unfortunately, the cultural value of the region is not yet appreciated. Lycian Expedition aim to change this! more »

TypeBased inPrice rangeGroup size
Inbound operatorTurkey flag TurkeyMid-range, Premium, LuxuryPrivate, Small, Medium

The Italian Tourism Co. Sudan

See the archeological sights of Sudan with the Italian Tourism Co

See all the archeological sites of Sudan in style with the Italian Tourism Co. where you can stay in their very own accommodations, two properties they own in the Sudan area. Their trips are long expeditions varying from 8 to 16 days, and take travelers across Sudan to admire the wondrous sites. All accommodations are provided for and include hot food cooked by professional chiefs, who only use the freshest ingredients. more »

TypeBased inPrice range
Inbound operatorSudan flag SudanMid-range

Smithsonian Journeys

Educational travel experiences and unique itineraries from the experts of the Smithsonian.

Educational travel experiences and unique itineraries from Smithsonian experts, who’ve been perfecting and adding to their list of journeys for the last 35 years. Their Signature Tours delve into the history, arts and culture of a destination, offering guests special access into private buildings and behind the scenes access into galleries and museums, Smithsonian Travel Adventures give greater insight into some of the most popular travel destinations, and all their trips are lead by expert guides. more »

TypeBased inPrice range
Outbound operatorUnited States flag United StatesMid-range, Premium, Luxury

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