Holiday ideas tagged "Egypt"

  • Try Underwater Photography in Nuweiba

    Look at an underwater photo competition and there's a fair chance some of the best Red Sea images have been taken in Nuweiba, Egypt. Nuweiba is on the Sinai Peninsula, about an hour up the coast from the bustle of Sharm el Sheik. Without the crowds, pho

  • Journey Down the Nile

    The Nile river is like a highway between the treasures of the ancient Egyptian world. It's a simple trip that deserves to be on the 'do before you die' list - a Nile cruise is the way the Pharaohs travelled.

  • Cairo and The Pyramids

    To really visit Cairo you need to experience both ends of the scale: spend hours peacefully tracing Egypt's history in the Egyptian Museum, and hours negotiating the alleyways of goods and noise making up the bazaar, Khan-el-Khalili.

  • Where's Hot in October?

    Catch the tail end of summer's sunshine and get a last minute top up of your tan with these suggestions for the hottest places to go in October.

  • Where's Hot in March?

    You can't get a tan sitting in the park in the March drizzle-why wait until the summer holidays to go somewhere warm and sunny, why not the March holidays? Borneo, Bonaire and Mexico are idyllic in March and this guide to hot March destinations can help.

  • Egypt and the Nile

    The Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Museums, the Nile, Aswan... the difficulty with travelling around Egypt is what you'll have to miss!

  • Sinai Desert

    The Sinai Desert is a mountainous and historically significant desert that provides great opportunities for holidays. Invaded a…