Cruise the Spanish Mediterranean

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  • Photo of Cruise the Spanish Mediterranean
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  • Photo of Cruise the Spanish Mediterranean
  • Photo of Cruise the Spanish Mediterranean
  • Photo of Cruise the Spanish Mediterranean
  • Photo of Cruise the Spanish Mediterranean
Photo of Cruise the Spanish Mediterranean
Photo by flickr user Lee Cannon

There are two main things that put people who've never cruised before off the idea of cruising:

1. There's an assumption that it's going to be expensive on the ship and expensive in the ports-o-call.

And 2. Not having been ship-board they don't know if they're going to enjoy the cruising lifestyle.

Which is why a cruise around the Spanish Med. is the perfect starter cruise for friends, couples or families.

Mallorca, SpainThere are lots of cruise lines offering itineraries around these warm and colourful waters so there's plenty of choice regarding how long you're at sea for. And Spain is such a familiar holiday destination that it takes some of the concern out of the price. If you think of a cruise ship as your accommodation and travel in one - before you even worry about all inclusive meal and drink deals - then the prices start to look very sunny. Especially when some lines factor in the cost of flights to the starting port into the package.

Those two negatives addressed, it's time to consider some of the positives. In just seven nights in the Spanish Med. you can visit Barcelona and see the Gaudis, have a night out in Ibiza, soak up some sun in Malaga, and maybe visit a vineyard or two? drop in on Gibraltar's rock and monkeys and relax on some of Spain's nicest beaches around Palma de Mallorca.

Many cruises round the Spanish Mediterranean start in Barcelona, which might be more convenient for transport, but Palma has an airport too, and is a better choice if you want to spend a bit of extra time relaxing in one place before or after your cruise.

Here's a basic Spanish Med. itinerary, ex Palma to inspire you:

Day One: Palma

Cruises often leave in the afternoon to accommodate passengers coming in in the morning, but if you're early there are plenty of good beaches to explore. If you're quite early and your cruise leaves late you might like to take the bus around to Formentor and the boat back, which is supposed to be particularly scenic, or visit the tiny, ancient and beautiful town of Deia.

Day Two/ Three: Cruising to Barcelona

Pay homage to Gaudi, Picasso and Miro, or do some shopping in the Gothic Quarter, soak up the colour in a local tapas bar, and take a stroll up Mount Tibidabo for a view over the harbour you just sailed into.

Day Four: Ibiza

Of course there's the club scene, but if you don't fancy your chances of making it back to the boat after a big night then opt for the beach scene of the earlier evening.

Day Five: Malaga

Malaga is a pretty modern port, with good beaches and good shopping.

Rock of GibraltarDay Six: Gibraltar

You'll see the famous rock as you sail into town, and you'll either be of the: let's climb it! type, or the let's lay on that nice looking beach and appreciate it from there type. It's riddled thorough with secret passages and tunnels, and at the top is Europe's only wild monkey community.

As well as the famous rock, Gibraltar's charms include tax free shopping and lovely warm waters.

Day Seven/ Eight: Sail back to Palma de Mallorca

Iglu Cruise is a good place to start looking for more information on exact itineraries and pricing. They can help you book with a range of cruise lines and will be able to offer you a good price and good advice.

Once you've chosen an exact itinerary then you'll need to book ahead, but if you just dream of floating the Spanish coast in a pleasurably aimless way then if you wait until the last minute you'll have more chance of getting a super cheap deal.

For information on climatic weather conditions in the Med, see Majorca weather.

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