What is the weather like in June at the Grand Canyon?

What is the weather like in June at the Grand Canyon?

I would like to know what to expect the temperature to be (in Farenheit) at the beginning of June. I'm sure the temp. varies, but could you also tell me what it is around that area temperature wise as well.

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Have a look at our World Weather Map http://www.worldreviewer.com/world-weather/ for an idea of the average temperature and rainfall throughout the year.

We took a road trip last June to the grand canyon, yosemite and several other sites. We had the most beautiful weather that you could ask for. The skies are bluer than you can imagine. The temperature was in the 80's, but the humidity is very low and it doesn't seem that warm. We may have just been lucky, and hope that the weather is great for your trip.

The temp can be in the low 60-s to low 70's depend on when in June. Many people think that since it's in Arizona that its going to be warm but they forget that the canyon is in the northern mountainous region of the state. It does get a little warmer as you further into the canyon.