What is the weather like in July

What is the weather like in July

I'm looking to book me and my girlfriends first holiday together and want it to be perfect and would really like to hear from people who have been many thanks

Question about Cape Verde

Hi Mark - wow this is a personal thing - what makes for a perfect holiday for you? What one person loves another hates. Tell me what you are looking for and I can give you some more feedback if you like. Helen

How's the weather at that time of year?

Hi Helen thanks for the reply when I say perfect I mean I just want the weather to be good and for us to be able to really relax (we both work shifts and live in different parts of the uk). I'm interested in cape verde as neither of us has been there before.

Hi Mark the weather will be glorious - you are guaranteed sunshine and fab beaches. If you decide to go all inclusive I would urge you to get out of the hotel complex and enjoy Santa Maria - the beaches are even better in town, Blu bar does the best cocktails and live music on the island and the Italian Ice cream is delicious. If you want to do excursions - book them yourselves in town and they will be at least 30% cheaper. You will have a great time and its THE pleace to chill out. Helen