RE :Frommelles Commemoration 19th July 2010

RE :Frommelles Commemoration 19th July 2010

If we wanted to attend the ceremeony on 19th July 2010 at Fromelles where would we stay? How would we get to Fromelles? We don't want a tour of several days.

Question about Battle of Fromelles 19-20th July 1916

There's a list of recommended hotels to stay in to the right hand side of the picture. Where are you coming from? That determines the best way to get there.

The best way to see Fromelles is by car,which you could hire at Lille. VC Corner is quite a bit out of the village and a fair walk, Pheasant Wood itself is quite central to the village and behind the Church on farming ground (Please respect Farmers crops !!)There is no accommodation in Fromelles itself, the nearest accommodation is at Fournes En Weppes , of which there is a Gite ( Bed and Breakfast)I have been to Fromelles many times as my husband is a great nephew of Simon Fraser(Cobbers Statue)If you do decide to rent a car, I would suggest staying at Ypres/Ieper in Belgium as I think it is much nicer than Lille, its about a 35 minute drive to Fromelles, and you could also visit the Menin Gate, Fromelles to Lille is about 30 mins drive, good luck with your plans

Hi Wendy, My husband and I are also planning to attend the ceremony on 19 July 2010 and are planning to stay in Lille as we will be travelling by train from Paris and then leaving by train for the UK. We too are not sure of how to get to Fromelles for the ceremony. Maybe we could share care hire if you are staying in Lille? Love to hear from you. Cheers

Thank you to the people who have taken the time to reply to this question. Denise I would like to talk to you further. Please email me on Wendy Taylor

There's also the possibility to stay at Fromelles with one of the proposals made by the inhabitants to receive visitors. Maybe, it's preferable to contact the embassy to find out one of this address. If you want stay more than 2 days in the area, you can also find B&B around 10km of Fromelles. For instance : There is also an hotel at Englos (10 km from Fromelles) Or you can also stay at Ieper (more indicated for battlefields memory tour) or Lille (more touristic, capital of the North of France). Lille is about 1 hour by train from Paris (with the TGV, high speed train). Fromelles is a small village, less than 1000 inhabitants. The best way to arrive at Fromelles is by car (but not necessary the 19th Morning where lot of routes will be blocked). Bus lines from Lille (18km) are quite rare. The nearest subway station is about 12km. I suppose it's preferable to contact the CWGC to know more. Jean-Gabriel Masson