is this the same cave as the "blue grotto"?

is this the same cave as the "blue grotto"?

We're heading to positano in august as part of our honeymoon and are looking into things to do locally when not visiting pompeii/ mt visuvious. we only have four days in the town before we move on to rome, but would like to experience as much as possible. thanks.

Question about Grotta la Porta Cave

Positano has a Blue Grotto, a Green or 'emerald' Grotto and a White Grotto... and a Grotta del Mezzogiorno and Grotta Erica - the whole coastline is a cave pocked wonder. The Blue Grotto is one of the most touristy and the La Porto, near the harbour is more for history buffs. There are lots of boat trips you can take that will trawl you round a selection of waterline caves.

The Blue Grotto is on Capri. This one is just out of Positano harbour. You can check out our What's Nearby tab: for some of the other local attractions people have recommended to WR. I fancy Li Galli and the palace of Paestum myself... and maybe a day trip to Capri - but maybe skip the Blue Grotto if it seems quite well visited...

Confusing, isn't it?! The famous Blue Grotto commonly referred to is on Capri. You should defintely consider a trip to Capri from Positano - there are fast hydrafoils - for the day, and have lunch up the hill on the funicular from the port. But forget the blue grotto - touristy and expensive.

Thanks guys its been really helpful, cant wait!!