Do I need to buy a ticket to see Angkor wat?

Do I need to buy a ticket to see Angkor wat?

Somebody told me that I need to buy a ticket to get into the Angkor Wat complex and that it is quite expensive. Is that right? How long do you think you need to see it all?

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It is not expensive at all. $20 US...I think you would need more than one day, but one days is sufficient to see the highlights.

Hi there... Yes you need to buy a ticket. Tickets are around $20 for 1 day, $40 for 3 days and $60 for a week. So it makes best value to get the week ticket! As for how long you need, I am not sure...

It really depends, as Al James posted before me, how long *you* think you'd want to spend there and how you plan on getting about. You can rent bikes, but the entire Angkor complex -- not just Angkor Wat -- is HUGE. You might prefer to work with a local travel agent and hire a car, driver & guide. It's a great value for the price, and you can get around the tourist scrum by taking an alternate route. I visited in early 2008, and in retrospect, I would have liked to spend more time there than 3 days, but that's just me. We did see all of the key sites (Angkor Tom, the Bayon, Pre Rup, Ta Keo, etc) but I would have loved to have had more time to venture out further afield to some less visited archeological sites. One more thing if you go, visit the new museum in Siem Reap. It's a great primer of Khmer history and puts many of the sites in historical perspective. Wish I'd done that first, not at the end of my visit.

Yes you need a ticket. I was there back in Jan. Price change $60 for three day pass. Well worth it. I took 2hrs going through Angkor Wat itself,but could have taken longer. The others an hour or so.Wonderful place. Watch out for those kids that swarm you wanting you to buy things. Had to buy an extra bag for all the "stuff", must have bought every book they had,lol! I had a wonderful driver Wana who took great care of me when I was there. Just wonderful people! If you get a chance take a boat ride on the lake,great time.