Buying tickets to White Truffle Festival in Alba

Buying tickets to White Truffle Festival in Alba

Can I purchase tickets to the festival prior to the day I am going? Does the festival get sold out? How much are the tickets? What is the best way to buy them? Can I do it online?

Question about Alba Truffle Festival

This festival has many many different events to it - from markets to special meals to cooking classes - and spreads out of Alba into 19 surrounding towns. It's the kind of event where it's your accommodation that you need to worry about first. If you can have somewhere to stay there will be truffle related events you'll be able to attend.

Ok, so it sounds like there are no tickets involved for the festival. Do you have suggestions of nearby towns to stay in that might be good. I am sure Alba is all booked by now.

Montafia? Vercelli? Asti? Even Turin or Lake Maggiore are not that far.