Blickling Hall descendent

Blickling Hall descendent

Hello, I came across your pictures of Blickling Hall and wanted to ask permission to use some of them on my genealogy report. Robert Hobart/Hubbard was the only son of 10 sons (of Sir Henry Hobart/Hubbard) that left England for the New World in Jamestown, Virginia (Jamestown Colony) about 1644. This also made him the first "Hubbard" to arrive in the New World. I am a direct descendent of Robert Hubbard (Hobart)and therefore of Sir Henry Hobart/Hubbard. The reason for the name spelling is simple. At that time the name Hobart was actually pronounced "Hubbard". When Robert came to the New World and told the Virginia Colony his name, they spelled it "Hubbard" the American spelling instead of "Hobart" the English spelling of the name "Hubbard". This fact is well documented. Sir Henry Hobart, variously scribed as Sir Henry Hubberd and Sir Henry Hubbard in legal documents in the 17th Century, had 16 children, one of whom, Robert emigrated to the Virginia Colony about1644 to begin the first branches of the Hubbards-Hobarts in America. Thanks and your photos are fantastic. Sincerely Vaughn Hubbard

Question about Blickling Hall

Hi Vaughn, Thanks for noticing, we got our images from Flickr's Creative Commons pool, so I'd suggest you choose from the selection there - making sure you credit where appropriate.

Vaughn, How is it a well documented fact about Robert Hubbard and his father Henry, because I'd like to know. I see people tracing my ancestors back to Robert and back to Henry and beyond, but from all my research on the internet I haven't found any evidence I can source. I don't mean to challenge your claim, I'm just tired of being kept in the dark. Thanks. Justin

To Justin, First off Justin, I don't have a clue to who you are??? About my "Claim" to being a direct descendant of Sir Henry Hobart/Hubbard, I would make that claim unless I was sure that my (genealogy) facts were accurate. Otherwise, why bother with researching one's genealogy? Are you somehow "directly" related to Sir Henry Hobart/Hubbard or are you a very distant cousin? Vaughn Hubbard (not Hobart but Hubbard) descended from Robert Hubbard of the Virginia Colony of 1644.