Best time?

Best time?

What's the best time of year to visit? To see, but not gawp at, I promise, the most politicians and staffers? Also, I'm a student, so can you recommend any student-type bars? Thanx.

Question about Taryn McKinnon's Washington, DC

I think the best time of year to visit is Sept-Oct. It's always crazy crowded with tourists, but I think it slows down a bit in the fall, and the weather is more mild than in the summer months when the temperature and the humidity rise uncontrollably. Another popular time to visit DC is in late March-early April when the Cherry Blossom trees around the Tidal Basin are in full bloom. For good student bars, check out the strip down Columbia Road in Adams Morgan. I like Bourbon, The Black Squirrel and Millie & Al's. At the end of the night you can get a giant slice of pizza at Jumbo Slice (to share with a friend). There's a million, but the best one is near the Diner (which is also great for an end of night snack to start sobering up.

Definitely try Jumbo Slice. Any suggestions for places to stay - cheap, but safe and in a relatively nice locale, something that parents would think acceptable.

Andrew- I don't stay in hotels much, but my parents do when they come to visit so I can just go off of them. The Courtyard Marriott in Dupont Circle was very nice and very centrally located for about $150/night recently. The Days Inn on Connecticut Avenue is not as nice, but I think rooms are about $100 a night and it's in a very safe residential neighborhood in the NW corner of DC. It will take you just a bit longer to get downtown though. Whatever you do- don't try and save money by staying out in Silver Spring, MD. My mother was apparently mortified at the state of the hotel and its surroundings, and you'll be looking at about an hour on the metro just to get downtown. If you are looking to stay in the surrounding area to save a bit of money, I would try Virginia (like Rosslyn or Crystal City). As long as you're an easy walk to Metro it will be very safe and a short ride in to the city (on the same line as the Smithsonian stop on the Mall).

Thanx thats great.