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October temperatures in Karbala

Clothings required

Question about Karbala

how can I join everest team and other details

I'm a trekker I want to trek everest I NO HAVE A ANY IDEA give me a idea and financial details

Question about Mount Everest

we have a blue boy painted onto a bronze type of plate, its's antique and it says its limited

edition on the back of it. im wondering if its fake or not and how much it is worth.

Question about The Blue Boy (Gainsborough)

Driving in October

I will driving from Christchurch to Te Anau via Dunedin then to Milford Sound before going to Queenstown and back to Christchurch via Lake Tekapo. This trip will be from 1/10/10 till 7/10/10. Would it still be winter road conditions and if so do i need chains for the tyres? I come from the tropics so would appreciate any tips on how to prepare for winter driving. Thank you.

Question about Drive New Zealand's South Island

Where is the best place to go in December?

I am planning a 3 week holiday in December. I want to go somewhere hot where we can dive, relax and see some wildlife in it's natural habitat. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations? Many Thanks

Question about Cook Islands

Is Kublai Kahn real? I thought he was just in the poem :)

Is Kublai Kahn real? I thought he was just in the poem :)

Question about Dafo Si (Giant Buddha Temple)

Best way to get there

we are staying in Putna Cana at the Majestic elegance Resort. what is the best - and most economical - way to get to the peninsula and Playa Fronon? How long should the day entail? Any other suggestions?

Question about Playa Frontón snorkelling

Butterfly Migration

I have always wanted to go. Where is a good place to stay as far as cities and hotels?

Question about Monarch Migration in Mexico

i want to visit taif in one day and have dinner in taif and be back in mecca .

visit is to be done 2 days after hajj 2010. Can the hotel or restaurant get the necessry permit for us to travel to taif.We are about more than 175 persons.E mil

Question about Saudi Arabia