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Where is the best place to go in December?

I am planning a 3 week holiday in December. I want to go somewhere hot where we can dive, relax and see some wildlife in it's natural habitat. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations? Many Thanks

Question about Cook Islands

Is Kublai Kahn real? I thought he was just in the poem :)

Is Kublai Kahn real? I thought he was just in the poem :)

Question about Dafo Si (Giant Buddha Temple)

Best way to get there

we are staying in Putna Cana at the Majestic elegance Resort. what is the best - and most economical - way to get to the peninsula and Playa Fronon? How long should the day entail? Any other suggestions?

Question about Playa Frontón snorkelling

Butterfly Migration

I have always wanted to go. Where is a good place to stay as far as cities and hotels?

Question about Monarch Migration in Mexico

i want to visit taif in one day and have dinner in taif and be back in mecca .

visit is to be done 2 days after hajj 2010. Can the hotel or restaurant get the necessry permit for us to travel to taif.We are about more than 175 persons.E mil

Question about Saudi Arabia

Accomodation and parking for disabled traveller for opening 19th July?

Do you think there will be a chance of finding accomodation nearby at this late date also what might be the position for car access for registered disabled driver? We can stay anywhere withing 20k to be honest. The parking issue the most important. Thanks Hope some-0ne can help

Question about Battle of Fromelles 19-20th July 1916

Chocolate courses

Hi!! Do you know of any in LA County / north Orange County? This is probably a really stupid question, but are the classes mentioned above taught in English...?

Question about Chocolate School

Will black panthers hurt humans

black panther like cat sighted 3 times in last month over 5 mile radius seen in open fields and near duck pond usually after midnite, last sighting last week at 7.30pm in field by two people. will these animals hurt humans i am also concerned about my horses. east yorkshire

Question about England's Phantom Panthers

A stress free driving experience in South Island August '10 for 16 days.

Can anyone suggest the best itinerary for scenery without getting ourselves into trouble on the roads. Which parts of the island should we definitely avoid. thanks!

Question about Drive New Zealand's South Island

Cool Mint Gel search

Lifestyles used to sell Harper Botanical (cool mint gel) but now say they got out of that line 2 years ago. Is there any other way to order this product as I truly love this product and swear by it? I did have a fairly large stock of it but now I'm getting low on my last bottle. Hope to hear from someone on this subject. Thank you.

Question about Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

What is there to do if you are like me and get bored of beaches after about three days?

I'm not very sporty, don't do getting wet, and would like to know what sights there are to see. If anyone's been here and toured the area a bit, can i pick your brains?

Question about Cape Verde

would i be able to bet internship to any company with my knowledge in journalism?

hey! my name is Zanele Madlebe, Iam studing diploma in journalism at Rosebank College Benoni, its a 2year course therefore I will finish this year, Iam looking for an internship that can help me further, my problem is that there are subject that I supporse to repeat this year so I will have to graduate next year, will I be able to get an internship with the knowledge that I have? you can drop me a mail at

Question about Journalism internship in South Africa