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How would I get hold of someone who runs one of these homes to go, on a regular basis, to help out?

I am 17 years old and I have a huge passion for children and I am looking to find a home such as the one mentioned above to just go to and help out with these children to read to them or eveen to just give them the love they deserve

Question about Working with AIDS Orphans

Are there any New Years eve street celebration in Mulhouse as we're going for a holiday there?

we will be there between the 26th Dec, 2010 and 2nd Jan, 2011. At what time do the market and the shops close during that time we will be staying at hotel Bristol is it far to the Christmas Market of Mulhouse? I would appreciate if you give me a reply thanks in advance

Question about Mulhouse Christmas market

Did Robert Hubbard and Margaret Kevell have a daughter named Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Hubbard who married Thomas Bottom in Virginia in 1660 is said to be the daughter of Robert Hubbard and Margaret Kevell. Various family trees on the internet list her as their daughter but I cannot find any independent verification. Does anyone know if this is true or if not who might be her parents?

Question about Blickling Hall

What exhibitions do they have that are interractive?

What exhibitions do they have that are interractive?

Question about Monterey Bay Aquarium

I have what looks to be a very old copy oil painted of blue boy and it's numbered

The number is in the bottom left front corner4191 in antique frameoff white with some gold overlay. would like info

Question about The Blue Boy (Gainsborough)

Weather in Hoi An - Mid to end of Dec

Looking for a beachy holiday.. see so many mixed reviews re: weather for this area.. understandably it's tropical and so changeable should be expected.. but has anyone visited this time of year was it hot? thanks Emma

Question about Hoi An

Where to stay

Hello can you advise where we can find a tree house or a hotel set amidst nature, for our honeymoon We would arrive on the 20th of Nov and leave on the 27th of nov. We would be very interested in walking and spending time amidst nature, and the jungle, and waterfalls and rivers. I love elephants as well .We are not interested in the beaches as much as lakes and free flowing water We are visitng from the 20th untill the 27th Nov 2010

Question about Sri Lanka

Directions and maps?

Looks like a great walk! Does anyone have any recommendations of books with maps or even some GP coordinates? Would you recommend any other walks in portugal in early november?

Question about Walk Soajo to Santa Maria do Bouro

why sahara desert never get rained after the meteor strikes?

thnks for sharing this valuable post! thnks again, why sahara desert never get rained after the meteor strikes?

Question about Sahara Desert

can this tour be taken from a hotel in varadero?

Is there anyway to get a tour bus from a hotel in varadero to havana that stops at the cigar factory? thanks

Question about Cuban Cigar Tours

National Trust research program

On 15 March 2010, an article by Andy Bloxhan was published in the Telegraph am titled "How Posh Do You Think Yor Are Research Launched". The article referred to a research program backed by the National Trust. The program will document the family trees of those peolple who were residents of some 350 stately homes. In the article it sounded as if these family trees would be available at the homes for visitors to use. Since I am one of those attempting to validate a connection between Robert Hubbard and Sir Henry Hobart, I wonder if the project has been completed at Blicking Manor? If not, can you comment on when it may be comppleted and if it will be of value in providing me the answer I seek? Thank you very much for any assistance you can give. Frank Hubbard

Question about Blickling Hall