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Will you be organize a Christmas market in 2011? Please let me know details. Regards, Oktawia

Oktawia Zagrodzka Candle Decor 086 210 30 13

Question about Ballyvaughan Christmas Market

How to get to Grossglockner Alpine Road?

Hi, I am traveling without a car/bike. May I know how do I get to Grossglockner Alpine Road, from Salzburg or Innsbruck. We are allowed to walk on the alphine road right?

Question about Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Which is easier cycling?

Angers to Tours or Tours to Blois? In terms of elevations.

Question about Western Loire

abt the tunnel

i am going now .. i know that pass is closed and tunnel is open. is it worth going via the tunnel do i still get to see the beauty ?

Question about Great St. Bernard Pass: Martigny to Aosta

What are the possible best sites between New York City and Miami to visit?

I'm plannig my first trip to the US and decided for the East Coast. I'd like to visit in 7 days all possible sites from NY down to Louisiana(New Orleans) and then to Miami where i'll fly back to Brazil.

Question about US East Coast

Looking for campsite info - Tabora and Mwanza

can any body put me in contact with camping site for Mwanza and Tabora

Question about Selous Safari Camp

We are going to motor home it around south island for 3 weeks in may.

Wondering what road conditions are like? I'm getting the idea that Christchurch to Timaru is the drive to do. I know with earth quake Christchurch is so badly hurt but we want to come over anyway. I'd rather spend my holiday money in a sister country that needs the tourist dollar.

Question about Drive New Zealand's South Island

This sounds wonderful. Was it hard to get to Mae Aw? If you don't have a scooter I mean!

This sounds wonderful. Was it hard to get to Mae Aw? If you don't have a scooter I mean!

Question about Mae Aw

FIlming charges

There is a cost/charge to film/photograph at Pinawalla. Is that correct??

Question about Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Yellowstone and Seattle vs Grand Canyon and Yosemite

My husband and I are looking into 2 vacation options: Seattle vs Las Vegas. We are into hiking and nature and will be renting a car. The trip will be about 2 weeks long. We live in the Middle East (and therefore have a slight aversion to heat and sand on vacation...) and so this will be our only chance to go out West for many many years, if ever again. This vacation will be in early September. Which do people suggest, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and a road trip to Yellowstone? Or base ourselves in Vegas or LA and visit the Grand Canyon and Yosemite? Is it realistic in only 2 weeks to reach San Francisco too, if we go with option #2? Is Vancouver realistic and/or worthwhile if we go with option #1? Thanks!

Question about US West Coast