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how can i get industrial attachment in south africa

i am doing Bsc Honours Degree in Journalism and Media Studies at the National University of Science and Technology my academic year end for this semester in June

Question about Journalism internship in South Africa

Hi, did you stay for the whole 10 days or only certain days?

I'm looking into the festival to capture as my final year photography project. Is Kuta the main beach for the 10 day festival? Syaza

Question about Galungan Festival

What is the weather like in July

I'm looking to book me and my girlfriends first holiday together and want it to be perfect and would really like to hear from people who have been many thanks

Question about Cape Verde

Why BA has such a poor customer service ?

My flight has been cancelled due to weather, BA changed my flight way ahead my original date, I can see there are flights before that date I am trying for 2 days now to contact BA but I can not, I have spent much money on the phone just waiting. What am I supposed to do?

Question about Waterside BA Headquarters


I'm thinking of going back to Cape Verde but have looked at the temp in sept which says its the rainy season - has anyone been in sept?

Question about Cape Verde

I would like to contact a stall in the Ben Thanh day Markets

It is a stall that sell souvenirs and it is in the corner. They also sell the most exquisite laquered wall art I have ever seen. They are the ones in the blue shirts and I was told that they have a seller in Australia for their products. I would like to order some more of the laquered wall art if I can find out how to contact them. Thanks you Karen Johnstone

Question about Ben Thanh Market