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Prices out of the resorts

I'm thinking about taking a trip for some winter sun in Jan/Feb 2013, if we can get some pennies saved up somehow in the meantime! Me and my girlfriend wouldnt necessarily want to go full board at a resort, we like to eat in nice little local places where possible,but we cant seem to find any mention of how much the basics cost outside the resorts. Can anyone give us an idea of the price of, for example: lunch at a non-fancy cafe, a beer or a cocktail, and (if we're really lucky!) a nice seafood dinner! Thanks for your help :)

Question about Cape Verde


Good morning. Please could you tell me if you have availability for two adults on a last minute holiday for December, dates are flexable? If so what are the rates etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Vanessa (

Question about Zongoene Lodge

Hello, Is there such thing as House Sitting with salary? Thank you. Eddie.

Hello, Is there such thing as House Sitting with salary? Thank you. Eddie.

Question about How to Travel by Housesitting

4`Wheel Diving In new zealand

Hi . Next year sometime a group of us from melbourne would like to go 4 wheel driving around new zealand . We plan to hire 4 wheel drive vehicles here as we cant afford to bring out vehicles over and plan to stay for about a mth . Can you suggest which tracks( mild to rough terrain ) and camping sites would be good as we dont really have a perference to go in new zealand .

Question about Drive New Zealand's South Island

I plan to visit Singapore 3/7 Malacca 2/7 KL 3/7 Penang 10/7 (rasa sayang) then Hong Kong 3/7.

Is it easy and cheaper to arrange hotels and transfers yourself or best to use UK agent. We already have flights. Any Ideas please???

Question about Malaysia

Jeremy VH

Dear Alex, I enjoyed your article, and i would ask you if you could pass me some information of the camping? Thanks in advance. J.

Question about Camping in the Swedish Archipelago

Help! Need ideas.

My mate and I are doing a quickie 5 day trip to South Island to swim with the seals, white water raft and quads in the mud. That's 2 days. Need to fill in another 2 days and also find a great pub to watch the NRL Grand Final at! Any ideas?

Question about South Island

why did aberaeron grow as a town?

i'm asking this as i have to do research for my geography assessment and i think it will be perfect for a good grade. Hope i get a reply as i need the information

Question about Aberaeron

how many visitor have uffizi gallery per year

I want to know how many visitor have uffizi gallery

Question about Uffizi Gallery

Ghost pictures, videos and stories

I am a volunteer at Dunster Castle and we are currently working on a project involving the castles ghosts were will we present photos, videos and stories. It would be really useful if anyone who had ghostly experiances or photos/footage and would allow us to use this as part of our exhibt contacted us either through the website, facebook page or by emailing Thank You

Question about Dunster Castle and its ghosts

Can you confirm that I can buy a Baden Wurrtenberg ticket for 5 persons for 39 Euro?

I will be visiting Baden Wurttemberg with my family and would like to use regional trains. Can you confirm that if I go to Heidelberg for example we only pay 39 Euros for the whole family and that we can buy this from Baden Baden Train station. can we use this ticket to visit Gunzburg Legoland or Strasbourg?

Question about Baden-Wurttemberg

i got a blue boy plate and red boy

by gainsbough ra 1727-1778 it was giving to my grampo from an atterny from new mexico he bought it from england and i want to know how much they are worth

Question about The Blue Boy (Gainsborough)