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Wing walking enquiry.

Hi I'm enquiring on doing wing walking and would like to do it for a charity. If anyone could recommend or send any information for the above enquiry would be very great full thank you and if it helps I'm from South Wales.

Question about Wing Walking

what does this place have to do with past people?

I dont know how this relates to any past its only a rock in a shape wow

Question about Ischigualasto / Talampaya Natural Parks

When is the time for Peony Cultural Festival in 2014?

When is the time for Peony Cultural Festival in 2014?

Question about Luoyang Peony Festival

How can a retired couple travel the west coast and save money?

Our son graduates college in May. Our plans are to sell the house and travel for a while. We've never been on the west coast and plan on taking 3 or 4 months to do so. Not sure the best way to go about this. We plan on renting a RV for a month or so, just not sure we can do it the whole time. Any suggestions?

Question about US West Coast

What ceatures are in the sahara Desert?

what could we find? and is there animals rare animals that live in sahara desert? thank you!

Question about Sahara Desert

Insects in November 2013

Hi, we are going to Boa Vista "rui tourage" hotel on the 08/11/2013, after reading all the comments on trip/advisor about people being bitten badly lately we are really worried about when we go, is there anyone out there with any info about what it will be like in November for us, thanks deb

Question about Cape Verde

Good winery to visit in malaga province

I would like to make a visit to an interesting wine producer in the malaga area as I live in marbella.its a treat for my 20 friends from abroad with light lunch and of course wine tasting.can you suggest somewhere.?

Question about Andalucian Vineyards and Producers

.May 2014 New York visit

I'm going on the QM2 to New York in May 2014 for my wife's 60th birthday. We are staying 3 nights in NY but would like to visit Other areas for up to 7 days. Suggestions would be appreciated on where to visit/stay? Thank you

Question about US East Coast

Is kitesurfing possible in July on Sal or Boavista

Hi we want to go to Sal and Boavista in July but now saw that some kitesurfing schools are closed in the summer months. are there any schools open and is it possible to kitesurf nevertheless?

Question about Cape Verde

Can anyone help me get a tour of the Palacio de Las Garzas for April 17th?

My sister returned from Panama recently and just told me that she missed out on a tour of the Presidential Palace because it needed to be booked in advance. I understand this is very short notice but we are going to be in Panama City April 17th and hope to reserve a tour of the Presidential Palace for that day. My name is Phyllis Eileen MacCartney I can provide my date of birth and passport information when needed. My husband's name is Cloyce Blaine Stokes, he can provide his birth date and, US passport number when needed Thank you for this consideration, Phyllis MacCartney Thanks!

Question about Panama's Presidential Palace

have u heard reports of hauntings at the coliseum?

im working on a school project on what is the most haunted place in the world and the coliseum was on the top ten list so im trying to kind of get on the haunted side of the coliseum. I know that people say its haunted because of all the gladiators that were killed there but I want to know about stuff that's happened to people when they've visited the coliseum.

Question about The Colosseum's haunting history