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A particular traveller cape verde

Myself and the other half like Beach front accommodation Nudist or very quite secluded spots on the beach? Walking distance. 2 miles to the town where we can drink and listen to live music and eat cheap local food. Best deals for late November. Hire bikes. If self catering which in dont mind at all, a supermarket close by, villa with a pool maybe? Is there a better side to the islands,ie less windy? Also a question, is it expensive in Cape Verde? Do i sound fussy lol?

Question about Cape Verde

can you help me?

can you help me? I have recently heard that the Chinese are not reliable, but I have found a Chinese website that I want to buy but I don’t trust. What should I do?

Question about Playa del Matorral

I have a Pink boy that appears to be a old print and is signed by the artist.

There is a decal on the pack that shows it was purchased at Fried’s Gift Shop in Denver CO. I also have the matching Pink Girl as well. I can’t find anything on the Pink Boy. Any advice.

Question about The Blue Boy (Gainsborough)

help about value or any other info

i have a blue boy and pinky girl. 12 x8 in old frame with paper backing and a green 1 cent national defense statue of liberty of on back. i am 70 and they were given to me by my grandparents. can any one give me any info thanks

Question about The Blue Boy (Gainsborough)

Blue Boy

what would the worth of a replica of the Blue Boy be worth. I have a large picture with the gold blue boy after gainsborough. I am wondering if its worth anything? thank you

Question about The Blue Boy (Gainsborough)

Is it hard to do?

Is it hard to do? Do you need some training before you go? Did you also experience bad things? What persuade you to do this? Are there any tips or things people should know before joining this trip?

Question about Genghis Khan Warrior Training

Has anyone seen a print of pinkie and blue boy together?

I have a 1978 print of a painting of pinkie and blue boy together. It is mounted on canvas and made to look like a real painting. I have not been able to find any information on it. There must be other prints like it out there somewhere-it's copyrighted. Does anyone know anything about it?

Question about The Blue Boy (Gainsborough)

Is it possible to order something from the shop ?

I would like to know if there are posters of the stairwell for sale in the shop ?

Question about L'Intendant (wine shop)

any body know of a reasonably priced trip to see the active volcano?

60th birthday pressie for my husband.

Question about Kilauea

Accommodations along the way?

Hi, My husband and I are walking this trail in June. I've only been able to make reservations in the first two towns. Is it possible to walk and find plenty of rooms for rent - zimmer frei - in the small villages?

Question about Walk King Ludwig's Way